Fascinating Indie Game Metrics

"Being an indie developer isn't easy. Anybody who tells you that is probably lying, or really lucky. Aside from actually, you know, getting the game developed, you'll need to figure out exactly where you want your game to get distributed. Did you want your game on Sony's system? XBLA? XBLIG? Is it more of a portable game made for iPhone? PSP? Maybe a PSP Mini or DSiWare? And finally is the game going to be made available for PC/Mac/Linux? How about them all? These are all questions you have to answer before you finish your game because without a distribution platform you won't have any customers.

Simon Carless, from Gamasutra, recently attended GDC 09 where he was able to sit in on a lecture called: 'Independent Games & Sales: Stats 101'. Seems very interesting, but what is even more interesting, in my opinion, is what he has done with that information. Simon decided to create his own metrics based off this month, October, to find out the varying degrees of success for each distribution platform."

-Geoff Gibson

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