110° - 3D Gaming: Why not?

A look at how 3D gaming is possible, along with the effects it could have on audiences and how certain games could implement this effectively! Enjoy.

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iiprotocolii3280d ago

Personally, I feel that it's a tad too early to try to bring this technology into gaming. Not that it's a bad thing, because it's not, but the mainstream gamers, I feel, won't really jump on this until it becomes much more vast than just 2 or 3 games.

ABizzel13280d ago

I think 3D gaming is the best direction for gaming to go, starting next gen. Dabble in it now, but go full force next gen.

3D doesn't really work (TO ME) in movies, because we see things in 3-D already so there a natural inclination to think you're watching the movie in 3-D already.

However, in games you're in a 3-D environment, but there's no true sense of depth to it, and 3-D games would allow that sense of depth to be there.

ThanatosDMC3280d ago

I say bad for the eyes especially in the dark. You can try them on Fry's or Microcenter.

rockleex3280d ago

Racing games.

You'll actually be able to see the depth in 3D and therefore feel the speed without the game having to bend the world, or do some special effects, to make it feel like you're going fast.

I also want to use 3D with 1:1 motion controls plus head tracking. O_O

ABizzel13280d ago

Yeah I tried it at Microcenter, and Call of Duty World at War, and Burnout are so much better. Guitar Hero doesn't really have anything to gain, but the other 2 felt like a compltet upgrade.

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BROOKLYN N-M-E3280d ago

I am sure games are headed in that direction, but not sure if that's a good thing. You see, 3D is what the movie industry turns to when their sh*t out of luck, money, and ideas. I think that the Industry is still healthy and sustainable enough without it. Features like 3D (a lot like motion control) seem to only be a temporary gimmick as they always require either extra useless peripherals or expensive equipment, such as the upcoming uber-expensive 3D capable TV's. Maybe in a few years, when more of the equipment needed is readily available and much cheaper.

iiprotocolii3280d ago

Let's see what this thing does. It's not rocket science to know that 3D gaming is inevitable. But, when will it become "huge" is the question.

PlayStation X3280d ago

3d gaming will be quality in games likes wipeout but a bit sh1t in every other game tbh

BROOKLYN N-M-E3280d ago

3D porn, then we're talking!

MisterMarston3280d ago

I couldn't agree more, these are all fair points. However, unlike the extra peripheral/gimmick malarky - perhaps this genuinely could be pulled off for an artistic directors effect, as opposed to being another marketing tool to sell a game.

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The story is too old to be commented.