Analysis: PS3 has 'steep hill' to beat U.S. Xbox 360 sales in 2009

Gamasutra looks at the effect of game console price cuts on September's NPD U.S. console numbers, noting that despite its sales boost, the PS3 "has a steep hill to climb" to beat Xbox 360 sales for the year.

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Genesis53278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Rest of the world it's the other way around.

kalebgray923278d ago

ppl only think of america..... like movies.... the world box office is the one that counts

leeger3278d ago

rest of the world, the PS3 already outsold the 360 in 2009

Darkeyes3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

People keep making this stupid comparisons but forget the fact that PS3 is outselling the 360 in Europe and it is humiliating the 360 in Japan.. Even if PS3 sells on par with the 360 in America, eventually the PS3 wins on monthly basis throughout the world.

Even if we calculate and lets say 360 outsells the PS3 in US by some 50-75K margin after this price drop surge ends, but that thing is alone covered in Japan where every week, 30K PS3 sell as opposed to 3K 360s... Thus one who wins Europe on a monthly basis actually wins the world wide sales if you look at it that way.. And thus far, PS3 has been beating the 360 in Europe with selling same number of consoles in nearly 1 1/2 years lesser than 360.

The end fact remains that PS3 gives a tough fight in US.. I however can't say the same for the 360 in Japan. Look at the bigger picture.

Saigon3278d ago

where did they get 2.4 million for 2009 for the 360...when did they sell that many...

ThanatosDMC3278d ago

They shipped 2.4 million... which are just collecting dust in retail stores. Just go to your electronic store, gamestop, or whatever... you'll see.

Syronicus3278d ago

It is the last leg that MS has to stand on when it comes to sales of the 360.

IdleLeeSiuLung3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

No, because US is the single largest country and has about 50% of the worldwide console market. That means if you dominate everywhere else, but the US you are still leaving half of the potential customers in the world!

We are not the world, just the largest!!! It's NOT our fault that others have complexity issues.

StanLee3278d ago

I really don't care about hardware sales as I believe both consoles have been great successes this generation, but I really would like to see Uncharted 2 do well in both October and November's NPD report. Man, that game deserves to do well, to have that mainstream breakout success.

soxfan20053278d ago

Trying to mitigate U.S sales & using the "rest of the world" to try to prove a point is like trying to argue that Tiger Woods is NOT really the best golfer in the world because the rest of the field COMBINED has more wins than Tiger does.

The U.S. is the biggest stage in the world, and is the biggest prize to win.

Besides, you should care most about sales in the country that you live in. U.S. sales should matter most to Americans. European sales should matter most to Europeans. Unless, of course, some of you guys jet-set around the world to your homes all over the globe.

JokesOnYou3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Its not only the US(largest single market), UK(largest Euro market) and Australia a few other small markets like South Africa. PS3 is going to ride a short-lived sales boost in these areas and by Christmas and after the holidays 360 will be ahead in these areas again. PS3 will keep winning in places like Japan of course and places like France, Germany and Spain. Saying 360 doesn't do well outside of the US is BS, its just that collectively ps3 wins more of the smaller Euro markets, which is offset largely by UK, then when you add the dominance of Japan the the ps3 tends to do only marginally better than 360 outside the US overall, but once again the 360 makes up alot of ground because of its US #'s which when its all said and done means they roughly sell about the same worldwide except during the holidays(360 has usually done better) and during certain game releases and price cuts. Some say ps3 beats the 360 in sales every year, yet prior to August the install base gap at the time when the ps3 launched had increased in 360's favor.


indysurfn3278d ago

"The issue of Europe comes through a difference in defining what Europe represents. Microsoft defines Europe as just Europe, whereas Sony defines Europe as the whole of Europe, Africa, Middle East and Russia. Microsoft counts 22 countries total for Europe and we count sold through units only, where we count the number of units sold through to consumers. Sony includes PAL countries within their definition of Europe and sold in units, where they count the number of units sold to retailers," a spokesperson said.

mint royale3278d ago

Why is there so much hate on both sides.

According to latest figures from the companies themselves:

MS has shipped 33.5 360's, becoming the 9th best selling console of all time. Very respectable, no need to hate!

Sony has shipped 24.6 million consoles worldwide (although this number doesn't include the last quarter and slim sales yet.) The ps3 also has very respectable sales too, no need to hate!

Fanboys :(

Maddens Raiders3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

gamers around the world know which piece of hardware offers more and this is what one side can't deal with.

What's funny is that the much ballyhooed (hard to develop for & gameless) PS3 is in this conversation at this stage in the game -- after a year delay & $600 USD pricetag! lol

without loyal help from the content U.S. market, the 360 would be another Saturn story by now. Now talk to me about life-cycles again.....?

rockleex3278d ago

You would want the most worldwide sales.

It's that simple. No spinning needed.

ReviewsArePolitics3278d ago

Calling others fanboys? Then stop inflating 360 numbers
and underestimating PS3 numbers. Hypocrite

mint royale3278d ago

What exactly don't I understand? Care to point it out?

Inflated xbox numbers? I take it you've done your own research and concluded you didn't fancy seeing MS's updated shipment numbers then? My numbers came from the companies themselves and they are both decent numbers.

Hypocryte? Haha how ironic!

CryWolf3278d ago

PS3 is already outselling the 360 outside of the U.S.

sikbeta3278d ago

Analyst say: PS3 has 'steep hill' to beat U.S. Xbox 360 sales in 2009, because I live in America ---> -_-

Rest of the world say: HELLO, dummy XD

The real analysis is, even in the house of xbox, PS3 is outselling it, so we have to see M$ next move to fight the Fast Growth of the PS3

badz1493278d ago

that's the worst comparison EVER! No one, and I mean NO ONE is arguing Tiger Wood as the best in the world right now because he doesn't only wins in the US, but in many tournaments around the world! in this case, 360 is ONLY giving the fight in the US, while loosing everywhere else! talking about a dummy trying to defy logic!

Cueil3277d ago

Tiger has lost matches though... people are getting all crazy about the new hardware numbers the PS3 is posting and I get it... it's all that pent up anger over the past 12 months prior where the 360 was dominating it WW.

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Fiona3278d ago

I dont care if the ps3 sells more or less than the xbox in hardware. Its all about the games for ME and the ps3 in 2009 beat the xbox in terms of quality titles and exclusives. My xbox is not gathering dust by the way. But 2009 in my opinion has not been the best in terms of games(it was not bad in any way, there were some great games!) compare to the ps3. So ps3 for me won 2009. But 2010 will be a tough battle, both consoles got monster exclusive to be released. My wallet will suffer.

mastiffchild3278d ago

Yes, if, like me, you play your multi plats on your PS3(for me it's a controller preference really)it's not been a brilliant year for 360 games. Basically I've not bought a 360 exclusive(outside of XBLA games)all year(didn't want Halowars and only rented ODST as I'd already got the maps and didn't feel there was value in getting a full price game for a couple of maps and Firefight as I'm no great fan of Horde in Gears2 anyway)so 2009 has been a bsy time for my PS3 while my 360 has been largely used to play games I missed in better years or just never finished before(LO, IU and ME-to get my character for ME2!).

Next year, however, looks a much fairer fight with some great looking games coming for both HD consoles-and the much trumpeted arrival of Natal and Sony's wands which could all push sales of consoles worldwide. Whether Sony can ever eclipse the 360 in it's own backyard isn't the point and remains unlikely at present. However, the very fact that it's now competing is a major boost for Sony in worldwide terms as in other territories the 360 isn't anything like as robust as it's been at home. Truth be told if it wasn't for the 360 selling so well in the UK(EU's biggest single market BTW)MS's console would be getting beaten just about as badly as the PS3 has been in the states(if we take figures since PS3 launch especially).

Also, we never know what, if any, effect all the returned, refurbed 360s have on these nymbers. Are there as many 360s actually working as figures for sales would suggest? Do refurbs, replacements count as new sales? It's a muddy picture at best and wildly inaccurate at worst and taking the US as a worldwide sales barometer makes things even harder to see with any hope of a concrete answer. It' MS backyard where the 360 has been king for an age and is zero reflaction of the real picture even without the afore mentioned variables we can't see never mind control!

I don't see what we can really tell from any of this and as there's so much coming in 2010 I really wouldn't like to be an analyst! Suffice to day I think it's going to remain pretty tight with successes and failures on either side but, most importantly, lots of great gaemes whichever console(s) you happen to own. The competition can only be a good thing for us all too so maybe we'd be best not arguing over console sales and just watch the games roll in as they get better and better.

It's going to e tight, imo, and it'll stay that way too and I just don't see what the point of articles like this one really is.

Kaneda3278d ago

You want PS3 to beat xbox in sell.. there will be more 3rd party exclusives for PS3. Yes, 1st party exclusive is great and all. But you should want more developers to jump on board. You don't want Sony to be like Nintendo. Where you keep playing Mario and Zelda for the next 20 years...

bobcostus3278d ago

As long as there are plenty of people to play multiplayer with on the PS3, (Which there are), then who cares if more 360's are sold? I mean really? I prefer my ps3 over my 360 because: A. it's quieter, B. Less children with mics online, C. BluRay, D. Built in WiFi, E. Blue Tooth headsets, F. Better, In my opinion, exclusive titles, G. blah I could go on forever.

My point is, total console sales never factored in to my decision to own or to prefer my PS3 over my 360.

Henry Cain3278d ago

Its not about sales in NA its about sales worldwide. 360 has a steep hill to climb in Japan.