2010 MMO Calendar Goes On Sale

The fourth annual MMO Calendar, which raises funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, is now on sale.

Developers of a wide range of Massively Multiplayer Online games have dedicated artwork from their games to the cause. This year, the list includes a mix of old and new games, some yet to come such as Funcom's The Secret World.

Anyone who purchases a calendar is also entered into a prize draw where they can win one of ten prizes for each game that features in the calendar.

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Maticus3332d ago

Not a bad price for a calendar, especially one full of nice MMO art :)

Fyzzu3332d ago

That's a horrible, horrible image. Nice idea, though, and I admit I kinda want one...

Malfurion3332d ago

I got one of these last year and was very impressed. I've ordered next year's hoping it will be just as good.

tdrules3331d ago

"now you too can record the amount of days you waste on our MMOs!"

Malfurion3331d ago

Lol, well, it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble :)

I like my nice imaginary worlds :)

tdrules3331d ago

haha thats a cool attitude