Sony to launch advanced PS3 in S.Korea on June 16

TOKYO (Reuters) - Sony Corp. (6758.T) will launch its PlayStation 3 with an 80-gigabyte (GB) hard disk drive on June 16 in
South Korea for 518,000 won ($556), offering the upgraded version of its latest game console for the first time ever, the Japanese electronics conglomerate said.

Sony, locked in a battle with Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT - news) and Nintendo Co. Ltd. (7974.OS) for dominance in the $30 billion global video game industry, is ready to offer the 80-GB version in other regions if demand emerges, the Tokyo-based company said.

Since online games are highly popular in South Korea, Sony has decided to put extended storage capacity in the PS3 to allow active downloading of games and other entertainment content, it said.

Sony currently offers 20-GB and 60-GB versions in Japan, but only sells the 60-GB model in Europe. In North America, it is discontinuing the lower capacity version and focusing on the 60-GB model.

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killercam194751d ago

isnt sony making the same mistake with the ps3 that MS made with the 360 by having 3 sku didnt sony call MS ridiculous cause they were launching with 2 sku's so y does sony always comment and then put their foot in their mouth

Lord Anubis4750d ago

then only ridiculous thing would be your comment. Korea doesn't have a PS3 and the only system there is the 80 gig, do you mind explaining to me where the other SKU's are.

ErcsYou4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

its o.k. ill school you real quick....
all sonys so called sku's are almost exactly the same.
all sku's get wireless controllers( with built in batteries)
they all come with a hard drive
the 20 gb version has no wifi and no memory card slots. but each sku's has optical, hdmi, and a blue ray player.
im not sure but i think korea only gets a 80gb so they only have one sku

This is nothing like MS's idea of giving you a so called "choice"

i think sony called MS ridiculous cause they were launching a sku with no hard drive!

killercam194750d ago

I can bet u sony is gonna bring the 3rd sku to the U.S.

Lord Anubis4750d ago

there's only one sku in the US, if they decide to bring the "third SKU" it would be Two Skus, everything would remain the same except for the hard drive size. There wouldn't be any confusion, US gamers know they can upgrade the PS3's hard drive with any SATA 2.5" hard drive so there's no real reason to have the 80 gigs in the US.

killercam194750d ago

sony brought back the 20 gig

lil bush4750d ago

well if they bring the 80 to the us, i hope that the 60 would just drop 100 bucks............