Rumor: Bethesda to purchase Valve?

Bethesda? Valve? Is there something going on between you two? Because we read this editorial by Eurogamer, and well, just look:

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ReviewsArePolitics3282d ago

This might be good news, it could mean that Valve would now have less excuses not to develop for PS3. Also, it would mean that they would have access to some of the expertise of John Carmack, which is probably good most of the time.

Nihilism3282d ago

john carmack is great...but I.D have not made a good game in 10 years, don't give them so much credit, valve has been keeping the pc gaming boat afloat, I.D has done **** all

Viatrophy3282d ago

I really don’t see this happening. There are rumours about Valve being bought out every few months, so far this year we’ve seen rumours about both Google and EA buying Valve. They’ve always been known as an independent company, so I don’t see them changing it.

Also, do Zenimax even have the dolla’ to buy Valve? The franchises they own (Half Life, Counter Strike etc.) must be worth a killing on there own, let alone the development studios that are under Valve’s wing. And as Steam is also a part of Valve… y’know, like the biggest digital distribution platform, that surely must be worth a pretty penny too?

I understand that Zenimax must have quite a lot of $$$ but still, do they have THAT much to buy Valve?

starvinbull3282d ago

If it happened I would think PS3 would have more chance of getting screwed over than before not less.

vhero3282d ago

Hmm A certain lard guzzling game creator would probably leave Valve if this happens.

StanLee3282d ago

Valve is an independent entity and will remain an independent entity. I would never make sense financially or otherwise. Rumors of Valve being acquired have persisted for years and are usually unfounded.

Capt CHAOS3282d ago

You've obviously have not played Portal.

STK0263282d ago

CHAOS, either your understanding of English is subpar, or you're confusing Valve with id, as Portal was developped by the former, while the latter has mostly been busy developping sequels of its most popular franchises like Quake and Doom, aswell as developping some iPhone games...

Sarcasm3282d ago

"@dchalfont How pathetic.
You've obviously have not played Portal. "


id didn't make Portal, Valve did.

ThanatosDMC3282d ago

As long as it doesnt affect Steam in any way. Valve does own Steam, right or am i wrong?

sikbeta3282d ago

In your delusional world, zealot

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Feral Gamer3282d ago

That means we'll get Elder Scrolls V: Source

Nihilism3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

That's the stupidest thing i've ever read, why would one of the most profitable companies in gaming sell to bethesda ( and bethesda is a much smaller company than valve, zenimax the parent company is the one with the $'s)

EDIT: went off the title, it is zenimax....zenimax =/= bethesda, bad title, bad!

Still not gonna happen though, i swear valve including steam would easily be worth more than zenimax, valve is a 500 million a year company

mauleriscool3282d ago

Valve will never sellout like they did with l4d2

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