Gaming Wars: Microsoft's Early Halo 3 Release To Provide Added Upside

The key to profitability at Microsoft Corp's (MSFT) Xbox division could hinge on the company's announcement to release its Halo 3 video game ahead of Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto 4, according to Goldman Sachs analyst Sarah Friar.

Microsoft will release Halo 3 on September 25, 2007, almost one month before the October 16 release of Grand Theft Auto 4.

"We believe the availability of Halo 3 before the launch of GTA4 is a strategic play by Microsoft to increase sales of Xbox 360 and to take sales away from Sony's PS3." Ms. Friar said in a note to clients.

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CyberSentinel4585d ago

"We believe the availability of Halo 3 before the launch of GTA4 is a strategic play by Microsoft to increase sales of Xbox 360 and to take sales away from Sony's PS3."

The Real Joker4585d ago

You are supposed to call us lemmings.

tihstae4585d ago (Edited 4585d ago )

Cybergreim might call everyone delicious lemmings. Sometimes you have to wonder if these guys are nothing more than programs spouting the same message over and over. woohoo fanbots unite!

Either way, both of these games are gonna rock! If we can get one sooner than we thought, all the better!

rusgreim4585d ago

I cannot say it enough, this latest news is so tasty! PS3 is screwed. The writing is on the wall. Sony WHORES are just too insanely loyal to see it.

Saint Sony4585d ago

360 will surely sell more when these 2 gems will come out... AND if the rumored/speculated xbox360 price drop in sync with Halo3 release happens, sales boost is enormous.

gta_cb4584d ago

yeh, and whats more is that if the 65 chips are going to be put in around that time aswell, MS are surely on there way to a successful fall/winter period

achira4585d ago

who care about this crapgame halo3 ? warhawk is the best multiplayer game to date! seriously i dont get why xbots love halo so much. it must be that they have only crap game on their system.

GameOn4585d ago

or YOU just havnt experienced them

PhinneousD4585d ago (Edited 4585d ago )

warhark? no doubt it 'might' be a good multiplayer of the ps3, but seriously now... commmon, listen to yourself. no really, seriously. it's quite ridiculous.
warhawk over halo3? warhawk was scrapped and all they came up with was left over parts to become online multiplayer you download. lol. no campaign... nada. you should think about what you type inside your head before posting. just a suggestion. ;-)
or maybe you shouldn't be such a closed minded sony-only gamer. just another suggestion to better your life.

darx4585d ago

Crimson Skies over Warhawk anyday...

dominusbellum4585d ago

that's what i'm talking about i was waiting for someone to say it crimson skies is so much better than warhawk it's insane and so is halo3 achira is just a blind sonyfanboy

Droidbro4585d ago

I'll take River Raid for Atari over warhawk!

alsef074585d ago

Omg another fanboy on crack

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fjtorres4585d ago (Edited 4585d ago )

"Savner Thursday adjusted his forecast for 2007 console unit sales:

Xbox 360 drops to 6,030,000 units from 6,211,000.
PS3 drops to 4,290,000 units from 5,054,000.
Wii increases to 6,530,000 units from 5,139,000. "

Those are total calendar year 07 world-wide sales.
That would put the 360 at about 16 Million
Wii at 8-9 million
PS3 at about 6 million.

Essentially XBOX keeps pace with Wii and pulls ahead from number 3.
And then there is the expected impact on third-party publishers.
Hint: not good.