PSX Extreme: FIFA Soccer '10 Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Soccer (hereafter referred to as football) is the world's biggest sport. And FIFA is probably Electronic Arts' biggest franchise. As the years go on, the series manages to accumulate a bigger and bigger release with every new iteration. This year is no different, as the hype surrounding FIFA 10 was bordering on epic levels. Sure, maybe you didn't get a whiff of that hype here in the 'States, but outside of this loopy country where carrying a ball with your hands is called football, the masses have been jumping for joy. In fact, as of this moment (10/24/09), over 40 million matches of FIFA 10 have been played. That is absolutely f-ing nuts. I first got to sample FIFA 10 back in July, and I found it incredible. Now, with a copy spinning inside my PS3, I can go into a bit more detail on why it's so damn good."

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