On The Economics Of Content Updates, DLC And In-Game Advertising

Alan Wilson writes...

This one was kicked off in my mind this morning, reading some of the feedback from the content we released for Killing Floor yesterday. For those how missed it, we pushed out a large (FREE) content pack (more maps, more weapons, more monsters etc) plus a for-pay DLC character pack ($2 on Steam). We also took the first steps into in-game advertizing, building in Massive's tech for displaying ads.

Why are we doing this? Well, we are a small, independent developer and publisher of games. We believe that people can and should get additional content for their games for free. We did it for 3 years with Red Orchestra and now we're doing it with Killing Floor. But we also have to make money - it is one of the evils of the capitalist system. If we don't generate good old-fashioned cash, the business dies. And support for our games would die along with us.

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