Halo 3 rankings explained

Curious as to what the online rankings are of halo 3? Want to know how many RP you need to level up in rank? grunts r us has you covered!

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dominusbellum5175d ago

i can't access the freakin site cuz i'm at school j/w if some one could tell me the jist of what it says plz and if you will keep your rank when h3 actually comes out cuz one of my friends is already a 30

closedxxx5175d ago

I like the ranking system in Rainbox Six: Vegas, but I don't understand why HALO 3 also has the number value displayed next to each player's rank. I feel like this number value actually causes people to obsess over their experience and makes them more likely to find an illegitimate way to increase that number. A standard military rank structure is cool, but we don't seed to see what number someone is. I t just seems like bragging rights, and there's already enough sh*t talking in online gaming as it is.

grifter0245175d ago

Really, I would like the Battlefield ranking system, sorry havent played Rainbow. But like you said a lot of sh1t talking already, espically in halo 2...

shotty5175d ago

Im around RP 110 I believe, haven't checked the actual RP in a while but its leutenant

closedxxx5175d ago

See what I'm saying... Nobody is looking at the overall rank, they just look at the easy to read number. And in everyone's mind, the highest number = the best player in the room

Skizelli5175d ago (Edited 5175d ago )

Halo brings out the worst in people. I already see players taking the beta all seriously. Just yesterday I was playing a Territories match on High Ground and the opposing team, as good as their teamwork was, would spawn camp like pros. Our team was totally incapable of capturing the first territory (and they had our sniper rifle). And on our last offense round, with no chance of winning, they did the same thing. I guess this kind of play boosts the egos of players like that. Some will call it fair, but it's plain dirty tactics. High Grounds is a poor map. It's easy to spawn kill, everybody camps around indoors, easy to nab the flag on 1 Flag, Territories blows on it. It should've extended back further into the mountain.