Gears of War - new achievements and more on the way

It seems Epic just can't get enough of supporting their hugely popular title and quite frankly, who are we to argue? Speaking on the official Gears of War forums, Mark Rein Vice President of Epic Games has stated that "the next Gears of War update is coming along nicely" and has provided just a smidgen of detail.

The statement made today on the Gears of War forums reads:

The next Gears of War update is coming along nicely. We don't have a release timeframe for it yet but I just wanted to let you know we're making significant progress. In addition to the previously mentioned plan to improve roadie run we're also going to have new achievements relating to Annex and the Hidden Fronts DLC. Of course no title update would be complete without more exploit squashing and the ever-popular "general housekeeping".

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THAMMER14760d ago

G-G-G-G-Gears of WAR!!!!

Xbot_Killer4760d ago

since they are the only reason I bought a scratchbox. I just wish they would fix the myriad of multiplayer flaws the game has because it has become a glitchgeek paradise.

Systematrix4760d ago

An excuse to play Annex. It's a good game mode, but give me good ol' Execution any day.

dominusbellum4760d ago

annex doesn't require a whole lot of skill but does get pretty fun where as execution takes tons of skill and is truly hard to take out the other team if your up against a good enough team that is hope they fix the freakin sticking to walls thing w/ this new patch

Systematrix4760d ago

by the time they release the newly revamped roadie run (again) I'll be already used to (and good at) the current version.

gta_cb4760d ago

i personally enjoy warzone the best, as when you knock them down... you can.... well lets say annoy them lol =D

Balance4760d ago

annex rocks, but the lack of achievements made people stop playing it, this will definitly kick things back into gear, can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.