EyePet proves to be big hit in UK, tops U2, MW2

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

The game looks to be a bit of a surprise hit, according to the popular online retailer Amazon. The £24.99 EyePet/PSEye combo has topped the charts, leaving tremendously popular titles like Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2, and FIFA 10 in it's dust.

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xTruthx3282d ago

That sure is impressive

barom3282d ago

Yeah, although I bet Americans wont be as receptive of the "game". Buzz, Singstar, Eye Play etc all did terrible in the US.

redgaurd3282d ago

it will be interesting to see how this goes... I know my kids will like it

Shadow Flare3282d ago

I bought eyepet over the weekend and I was surprised how good it is. I mean, im 21 years old and a hardcore gamer, but i've been loving it. Its really clever what it does with the camera. And the amount of customisation you can do with your pet is amazing. I've never seen such a good kids game also. If a kid doesn't like this, they're either really, really bad with hand eye co-ordination, or they have no soul. I think this is such a brilliant game. And there was actually only 1 copy left when I went to buy it, so i've no doubt its selling out. And thats great

siyrobbo3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

its only No 18 on the UK all format chart, not that impressive really. Game looks interesting, but not really my sort of thing

HighDefinition3282d ago

Reality is, this could be somewhat of a system seller.

The Tech is on point and unseen by many, Kids will love it and the PS3 is now $299.

NateNater3282d ago

A PSEYE game topping Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2? Hmmm...theres something fishy going on in the UK

sikbeta3282d ago

I'm saying this from the begining:

Kids gonna love EyePet

gaffyh3282d ago

Still need to get a copy of this, hopefully by next week. My nephew already loves the trailer for it.

zeeshan3282d ago

I have a 7 months old baby boy and well, I can't wait for him to play this when he grows up a little. This is BRILLIANT stuff for the kids. Sony should promote this game across USA. They should place EyePet kiosks in malls, parks, arcades and different public places. Seal a deal with BestBuy/GameStop/EBGAMES/WalMa rt and have them display EyePet across their stores. Kids need to see this!

ThanatosDMC3282d ago

While Pedo Bear is still waiting for Milo. I wonder what made them decide to just release it in Europe and not the rest of the world. But then again the same could be said for a lot of the games and applications. I'll buy it when it comes out... looks interesting.

whoelse3282d ago

The price tag must have something to do with it.

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BBCnewsrocks3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Kill it NAO! Before the cuteness consumes us all. Hurry, before it's too late!

Godmars2903282d ago

meh, it was too late when they took out the crapping mini-game...

Everybody poops but the Eyepet. And Milo.

barom3282d ago

and zombies. I could never understand where they put the flesh they devoured.

MEsoJD3282d ago

its soo cute it makes you want to vomit.

The little rc car part was cool.

Godmars2903282d ago

Really, thought it just spilled out of their already open guts. Most times you see zombies eating they for the intestines, not the brain.

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raztad3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

This is quite a surprise but makes some sense, behold "the power of the casual".



Yeah, GF, kids all of them will be drooling when they watch the EyePet ads. This one could be a huge hit for Sony.

shadowfox3282d ago

When the game hits the US, I'm pretty much getting this because I want the EyeToy for the motion controllers, and I know my GF will love the game.

sinncross3282d ago

Thought I'd let you know, but Eyepet will actually be patched to use the new motion controls :)

and there is apparently talk that some ppl are already in a Beta for EyePet online, so online features may be coming as well!

Godmars2903282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )


Keep you casual mitts off my console!


And Uncharted 2 isn't a movie no matter how good it looks - What movie do you know lasts 10 freakin' hours!

nix3282d ago

ha ha.. as for UC2, i've finished it twice. once for myself.. and the second time for my friends so that they can watch the story unravel. why? because they just couldn't figure out the moving the camera part. thank god, i played in very easy mode so that i can finish it faster.

it may not be a movie but it sure is one hell of a game! can't believe i spent three continuous nights playing it for them and what's surprising is that they came back every night to see the story unfold.

that my friend, says a lot about UC2.

rbluetank3282d ago

i will bundle this game in as a christmas gift for my kids... lol

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