Neoseeker reviews Risen: "A thoroughly impressive, must-own RPG"

After a ton of 3-6 hour play sessions, Sean Ridgeley of Neoseeker completed his review of the RPG known as Risen, the true successor to the Gothic games.

The long and short of it is pretty well all RPG fans need to play this one, and even some not into the genre.

For console gamers, Risen will be coming to Xbox 360 Q1 2010.

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NaotaChannel3273d ago

The review is spot on.

This is the most immersive RPG I've ever played, courtesy of the art style, ambient sounds, and streaming technology that tells load screens to go home - but there's more to it than that.

NPCs are not just soulless tools to be used to get from one quest to another, they come across as vibrant living beings, inhabiting what comes across as a believable environment. It's not forced, and it's not phony - it all just feels very natural.

The mainstream sites should be ashamed of themselves for basically ignoring this extremely under-rated game. I've found my RPG OTY, and unless DA has a lot more going for it than what I've seen (other than all the teeny-bopper pop culture hype) - I doubt I'll change my mind.