Where's The Resistance Downloadable Content?

Hey, Insomniac, where's that Resistance downloadable content? We were promised some big, meaty updates come April/May. It's now May, nearly June, and all we're hearing is that you're still working on some maps and that (from Insomniac):

"We're definitely looking at [PSN DLC content]. We want to make sure we do the right thing, and maybe you'll be hearing from us soon. Who knows?"

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BrotherSic4585d ago

I never knew you couldnt play worldwide online. Is this a feature of all online games or just a problem with the PS3 games?

dauden4585d ago

As far as I have both heard and experienced that restriction only applies to Motorstorm.

masterg4585d ago

As far as I know the devs can use the option to add restrictions so US only plays US and Europe only plays EU.

But I think that's a good thing. Take Gears of War. Speaking as a guy from Europe it would have been great with a restriction like that. The lack when playing American hosts is sometimes unbearable.

CyberSentinel4585d ago (Edited 4585d ago )

"Endangered, precious and we never, ever forget."

I /agree

Lemmings are "special".

Blind Lemmings, No One Loves You.

kamakazi4585d ago

wow cyber monkey, i cant wait for your post were you finally lose it and post nothing but lemming lemming lemming lemming all over it, because the way your posts look now it looks like your definitly heading that way. poor cyber monkey going retarded with every post he types,

Alymon4585d ago

Devs/Pubs are constantly promising to deliver downloadable content as a big push before the game hits the stores.

Of course, half the time the downloadable content is crap, and the other half is overpriced.

Bottom line: Don't believe everything you hear. Chances are it's alot of PR bullsh#t. And even if it does turn out to be true, chances are it won't live up to your expectations.

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