Getting around IWnet and Modern Warfare's lack of dedicated servers

We chat with a local competitive gamer who's come up with an early plan to sidestep the lack of server functionality in Infinity Ward's MW2.

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Pandamobile3306d ago

It's only a matter of time before we completely circumvent IWNet.

loslonelyman3306d ago

at least gives some hope to PC MW2 gamers.

champ213306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

i really dont see the point of all the hardwork in getting MW2 to work the way it should have.

MW2 isnt anything new.. its just MW1 with new maps. imo ppl could just get the same maps on MW1.

Now if MW2 was a new game i would agree. All IW have done is given it a new SP campaign which is hardly 6hrs at best, multiplayer remains the same.

Most of us didnt even play the original MW1 for the SP experience, i dont expect MW2 experience to be any different.

bruddahmanmatt3306d ago

How to get around IWnet and Modern Warfare's lack of dedicated servers...

Buy Bad Company 2.

champ213306d ago

MW2 now drops to 7th on the topsellers list on steam

this looks good.

even killing floor is ahead of it lol..

pc gamers arent about all talk, they execute what they say.

mistajeff3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

"It's official - Infinity Ward has definitely overtaken Valve as the most unpopular developer with PC gamers."

Since when has Valve been the most unpopular developer with PC gamers???

But his private server idea is pretty good. It won't eliminate lag or anything but I'm sure people will be willing to set up dedicated machines to ensure uptime.

Pandamobile3306d ago

Yeah, what the hell is that about? Every PC gamer I know plays Valve games and loves Valve. They've never pulled any sh1t like this.

mistajeff3305d ago

Exactly. In fact, the biggest PC gamers I know play Valve pretty much exclusively. One of my best friends ONLY plays CSS, ever. Once in a blue moon I'll see him on Trackmania. I gifted him HL2 and Episode 1 when I got the Orange Box a couple years ago cuz I already owned them, so he's at least played those, but he keeps upgrading his rig even though he already has CSS maxed out at 130+ fps. I couldn't even talk him into Left 4 Dead. And speaking of Valve, if they don't mention Episode 3 by the end of the year I WILL kill myself. The end of 2 left me hardcore jonesing for more and it's been SOOO long. My theory is they've had to rework a lot of their plans to integrate Aperture into the universe, because in the developer commentary they said that rather than forcing Portal to take on the HL universe, they worked with what the Portal people had already come up with to integrate Aperture into the Half-Life universe. So this whole Borealis thing doesn't seem like something they had planned before Portal came along, so they're probably doing a lot of adjustments.

Wow, massive tangent. The point being, I don't know a single PC gamer who hates Valve. Not that there aren't any out there, but Valve treats their PC customers pretty damn well.

pr0digyZA3306d ago

i hope it works because that will be a finger in IW's face.

And I agree valve is awesome .Only time anyone didn't really like them was when steam first came around, and PS3 guys who don't like Gabe.But other wise they are an awesome company who put very good quality into their games,and listen to the community.