Blue Dragon Hands-on

IGN get their feet wet with Sakaguchi's epic RPG.

"After only two hours of playing Blue Dragon, I've already searched through a pile of dung on the ground for money, fought a flamboyant dinoram, been healed by electro-wave hypnosis, talked to a sheep-person, and been attacked by a Poo Snake. Yep. We've got a bona fide Japanese RPG on our hands here.

That opening paragraph may not get you very excited about plunking down some cash to try out Blue Dragon, but there's a reason for all of the hype surrounding this role-playing game. Even if it were a run of the mill RPG, people would be talking about it just because there are so few games of the genre on Xbox 360. The legacy of Blue Dragon is what makes people so excited to try out the title, which hits the United States this August. Hironobu Sakaguchi, legendary creator of Final Fantasy, is responsible for the story and concept. Akira Toriyama of Dragonball Z fame headed up character and enemy design. This is no run of the mill RPG if the history of those at the helm is any indication."

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THAMMER14761d ago

At least thay are not half naked men. 0_o

JasonXE4761d ago

those pink horse chunks of doo doos can be a hassle.

I m really looking forward to picking up this game.

dominusbellum4761d ago

it has the art director from freakin dbz uhh yeah that alone is yelling at me to purchase but then you also got the guy from the ff series another yell at me to purchase

p.s. Final Fantasy VII was the best (long live cloud strife)

ps3gogetitt4761d ago

I tossed a coin in wishing well sorta, hoping that this game comes to the ps3. fingers crossed

dominusbellum4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

but not going to happen 360 exclusives don't come to ps3, ps3 come to 360s sorry

keep flippin those coins though

eques judicii4761d ago

won't happen because microsoft is publishing it... end of story

PS360WII4761d ago

Yeah with a definite NO this won't come to the PS3. Plus why even bother sure it's gonna be a fun one, but the ps3 will have about a hundred more rpgs coming out for it

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The story is too old to be commented.