How to Legally Make Real Money Playing an Online Video Game

Associatedcontent: Everquest 2 is highly unique in allowing and supporting the sale of game items, currency and characters by players on its Exchange enabled servers. It is a player driven economy rather than one dictated by the game publisher. Over the past few years I've been playing the game as a
source of income. Prices have varied greatly, but right now I can make $30 to $40 a day if i put in a full 8 hours.

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knifefight3306d ago

$30 a day for only 8 hours of careful grinding and sticking to a routine? Wow, sounds great!

DreamcastFanboy3306d ago

You could if you want to grind for eight hours a day.

-Mezzo-3306d ago

I'd rather earn 100$ for 8 hours working at a retail or some place.

Darkfocus3306d ago

you could make more than that at a minimum wage job and it would be more interesting than grinding for 8 hours. Why on earth would anyone want to do this :/

uie4rhig3306d ago

i'd totally pay for it! :) leave computer on 24/7 and earn 1000s of dollars.. convert them to pounds! hmm

El_Colombiano3306d ago

You can't make a program to do this for you?

Serial_EDX3306d ago

The program is called.

Your kids on off days of school. XD

GamerPS3603306d ago

It's better than freaking Jury Duty that pays 12 dollar a day which I have to do in comming week.

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