Gaming Union: MagnaCarta II Review

Gaming Union: "MagnaCarta II tries to adopt elements that other RPGs have successfully implemented, but the execution isn't quite there. The combat is relatively simple, and can actually be quite restricting, and while the cast is good, the story is pretty average. It's by no means a bad game, but there are quite a few issues which stop it from really excelling. For those itching to get stuck into an RPG though, it's definitely worth a look."

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Kyll3278d ago

oh that game, I was wondering what happened to it

DonCorneo3278d ago

along with star ocean the lost flop

MetaIGearRising3278d ago

The list is growing of shovel ware exclusives on the 360!

Admit it droids your jealous!!

ShawnCollier3278d ago

The first game was pretty crappy, good to see the sequel is better.