D+PAD Magazine: MAG Beta – Hands-On

D+PAD Magazine writes: People lose their minds as soon as they step online. It doesn't matter if your teammate is Head of Intellectual Studies at Boffington University, as soon as the Ethernet cable is connected they'll transform into a crazed, gibbering mess, nonchalantly bounding around looking to perforate whatever moving targets they can find, with little consideration for tedious nonsense like 'rules' and 'tactics'. And no matter how hard MAG tries to force its users to play nice, all too often it feels like an uphill struggle.

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NegativeCreepWA3377d ago

Sadly my so called reliable PS3 died today while playing Demon Souls. Blue-ray drive crapped out. But on a positive note I can still play MAG.

I really wish I was playing DS right now though. And at least I got to finish Uncharted today to.

monkey6023377d ago

I love this game. I haven't been able to download the latest update because my connection is acting up on me the last few days.

(it has taken me 3 failed attempts and an hour to update Brutal Legend, all 256MB's of it!) -_-

One gripe though - Squad and Platoon leader status should require a Mic!!

ab5olut10n3377d ago

i was afraid of this. i don't want to play a 256player free for all. i want squads and objectives and a goal.

jjohan353376d ago

That's why I'm going to wait a few months after release before buying MAG. All the free-for-all-run-n-gunners will get tired of MAG by then, since the objective/tactical gameplay will eventually bore them. A few months after release, only the dedicated teamwork players will remain.