Pac-Man Creator Became Teacher

Toru Iwatani - this is a name that for many could mean nothing. But for the gamers and for Namco Bandai he is the creator of the Pac-Man.

I am sure many of you heard and played just one Pac-Man. Now, on the verge of a crisis Toru Iwatani is leaving work of almost 30 years. This will probably happens next March, but still. His new goal is to teach his "craft" to aspiring developers.

In an interview given to "Weekly Famitsu", Toru is explaining why he will do this bold move in his life. "I experienced firsthand the passion today's young people have for games. I also realized how important teaching is. So, when TPU told me they were beginning a new course on games, and asked me to become a full-time lecturer, I decided to do it", he said.

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