Sales of New Super Mario Bros. Wii will "shock"

TVGB: "In his second sales prediction of the day, the first one being about Modern Warfare 2, industry crystal ball Michael Pachter reckons the sales of Nintendo's upcoming New Super Mario Bros. Wii will "shock.""

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reintype3865d ago

Concerning sales, nothing on the Wii will ever shock me, with WII FIT being a living testament to that. Hell, I wouldn't even bat an eyelash if WII VITALITY SENSOR sold billions, even if the people who bought it, don't even know what to use it for.

DrRobotnik3865d ago

Seeing as how well the DS version sold so well, and the the fact that every Wii owner will buy any platformer with Mario's name on it......Yeah, I guess it will sale well.

Anon19743865d ago

I bought a Wii at launch and hated it. And I tried, I really tried to like it. I've always been a huge Nintendo fan and supporter. Some of my best memories as a gamer were playing Super Mario World and Zelda back in the day, but the Wii-mote just lost me.

I tried to play that Wii for over a year and couldn't do it. I tried all my favs, Medal of Honor, Zelda, Mario Galaxy - couldn't stand them. It's was simply the Wii-mote. Button presses replaced by idiotic "waggle", constantly losing the tracking around the edges of the screen, having to put the damned thing on my shoulder to fire a rocket, having to point the stupid thing at the TV, ALL THE TIME!. Ugh!
I'm an old gamer. I'm set in my ways. Just hand me a normal damn controller and get out of my way. Finally, after a conversation with a co-worker in my office (he wanted to buy a Wii for his wife for Christmas) I sold him mine and went along my merry way.

This is the first game I've seen that makes me regret that decision. It's not enough for me to want to go out and buy a Wii again, but I was floored how fun this looks. Classic Mario - but co-op with a friend. That's just so full of win. Too bad I'll miss out on this one.

firelogic3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

@darkride66: The funny thing is, it doesn't even need the use of the wii-mote to play, which is the "defining" feature of the Wii. Another top seller, Brawl and Zelda also didn't make good use of the wii-mote. Kind of makes you think doesn't it? Gamecube 1.5? Yes I think so.

ZoidsRaven3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

You got a Wii on it's launch and hated it? Er... That happens when people turn a blind eye towards good Wii games but look at crapy Wii games like "imagine Babies" and say "that's all the Wii has" (which with that logic, can be said about any console). The Wii-Mote lost you? Oh I see, one of those guys who think "the wii is just waggle". But you must understand, mostly party game are played like that (Which compared to the other games out on the Wii, is not a lot).

Hmmmmmm. If you played games like Metroid Prime: 3, you should know [email protected] well waggling only gets your character killed. You said you have/had "Medal of Honor" right? Then you should also know that waggling gets your character killed, all the same.

But just in case you get "motion controls" mix up with "waggle", I'll explain the differences.

Motion controls...
Say like you make a movement in the left direction, your game character will perform an action in the left direction.


Lets say you are aimming with the Wii mote in an fps, your character will aim (just like you did) wth their gun/blaster/etc.

Waggling is swinging the Wii-mote like a dog would with it's tail (again, mostly party game have you play like that).

Or to give a better example, lets take a look at Wii sports (no, not resort).

Someone is playing tennis, they hit the ball and it's heading towards their opponent, but to player keeps swinging the the wii-mote (even though the ball isn't heading towards his/her direction) without stoping for a while.

Medal of honor, zelda, mario galaxy are not played by "waggle". If you waggled the wii-mote while playing those games, then that really isn' the Wii's or the wii-mote's fault.

You DON'T have to put the wii-mote up to your shoulder, just place the "damned" (wow, just wow) thing on your lap (it'll still work).

........ I.... I'm sorry, but if you can't hold the wii-mote on your lap even. Then you must be one fat or deformed guy/girl... (Which again, isn't really the wii-mote's fault)

You sold you Wii?
I guess if it wasn't the console for you, it wasn't the console for you.

This is the only game you have seen so far that makes you regret selling your "Wii"?

Don't ever wonder why you hated your "Wii", you wasn't able to see any good wii games (that made you regret selling your "Wii") until now.
From what you just said now, it dosn't look like you gave the Wii a fair chance.

You will find good Wii games if you TRY looking for them.

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bigrudowsky3865d ago

I'm sure its going to break some records the ds version was awesome so it already has a good rep not only that but come one its mario.

Deadly_Sinner3865d ago

It is a shame that gave my Wii to my little sister. It would be nice to play this game.

VanHalen3865d ago

Wii has some awesome light gun games and Punch Out is worth buying a Wii for! Its all about the virtual shop though. To have all those classics on there is just the best. I would buy a Wii just for that alone! New Super Mario will be awesome.

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