PS3 fights back

"As the holiday shopping season approaches, the "which game console should I buy?" question pops up more and more frequently. And if the answer was a simple one, we'd all be merrily enjoying our PlayBoxWiiStations in a harmonious one-console universe."

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Bot Smasha3332d ago

And whoops the 360,s ass

Uncharted 2 97 on metacrtic was the beginning of the ass whoopin

Then the npd ass kickin

Followed by Final fantasy in japan in december

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DrRobotnik3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

One main reason I bought a PS3, is because every previous sony system,I ever owned has never let me down. New systems came and went, but I still have my Ps1 and ps2. Great investments.

Danja3332d ago

I agree plus all the great Sony exclusives and funny enough I think this Generation we have gotten the best Exclusives from Sony yet they just keep pumping them out ...

redgaurd3332d ago

I agree with you Danja. If all this gaming greatness is coming our way this gen from sony because they are fighting to get out of third place, then I say keep up the fight sony!

mikeslemonade3332d ago

360 is useless without the online, so even you got the two free games you still need to shell out $50 for the online. PS3 is a computer and is a better game system than the 360.

thesummerofgeorge3332d ago

They're consistent, and when a company treats me well and provides me with a consistently quality product I am much more apt to stick with them as those qualities have become increasingly rare in corporations. I'm always pleased with how Sony, even if it's to their immediate disadvantage, have always come out with a great new and innovative product first and foremost, and let the industry catch up to them rather than following a trend or taking a safe path. It seems they go at their own pace. I'm pretty sure I'll always go with the company that aims the highest, and I think Sony has taken the biggest step, and raised the bar the highest this generation.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

One of my favorite things about Sony, is they're all about Consumer-Value.

M$ is all about Nickel-and-Dime'ing.

Nintendo is all about making money anyway possible, even if it means neglecting it's loyal fanbase.

Sony wins in my book with it's Consumer-Value, quality products and consistent AAA titles.

I've turned so many of my 360 fanboy friends into PS3 fanboys after showing the the quality of everything PS3 related. I still have some fvcking idiot friends on XBL who say stuff like "PS3 is the stupidest thing ever! I love my PS2 but PS3 is dumb." and when I ask them why, they have absolutely no answer! I keep asking them "Why? Why? Why? Give me a reason why it's the stupidest thing ever! Is it because of it's superior quality? Superior games? Blu-Ray? Is it because it's better than 360? Are you jealous? C'mon give me a reason!" and they just said "I don't know know... join my game..." Fvcking ignorance!

NegativeCreepWA3332d ago

Tell that to my my 2 PS1s, 3 PS2s and the PS3 blue-ray drive that actually broke today when I was playing Demon Souls.

The PS2 is the reason I buy warranties with every console I get.

Ive also had 3 xboxs and 2 360s.

Out of all those consoles in my personal experience the PS2 had the shortest lifespan and the PS3 had the longest.

Sony has had there fair share of faulty products the PS2s disc drive, laptop batteries and the worst of all the Sony explode car stereo series(the explode amps were good though).

Noctis Aftermath3332d ago

@above: what do you do to your consoles!

I myself had my one and only ps2 die, at first it was just a disc drive failure, but at the time i was like 15 i thought i could fix it myself heh needless to say it hasn't worked since.

UnSelf3332d ago

i have owned:

Xbox 360

only 1 of em ever broke on me. Can you guess which 1?

NegativeCreepWA3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Sorry I made a mistake only one of my PS1s broke I gave the other away when the PS2 came out.

2.8 I just play the damn things. I just seem to wear out disc drives even my 2 broken 360s were from disc read errors and not the three rings. When my second PS2 broke I thought it might be dust so on my third one I would unplug it and wrap it up whenever I was done playing to keep it dust free. It still had disc read errors in under six months.

I guess I spend more time playing games instead of b1tching about them on the Internet.

What happened to the good old NES days when all you needed to do is give the cartridge a good blow and your good to go.

sikbeta3332d ago

"Oh now they realize the value"

Well, at least they realise and don't stay blind forever, sooner or later everyone see that the PS3 is better

NegativeCreepWA3331d ago

Whoops, I forgot only 360s break in the fantasy world of N4G users.
Sorry it'll never happen again.

poopface13331d ago

I wont be buying any consoles this xmas cause I dont want a wii.

Im happy I have a PS3 and a 360 with free live(3 months so far. gotta see if microsoft continues to mess up and auto renew my gold).

Went to BBV and actually didnt rent borderlands because they only had the Ps3 version. I decided to wait and just play U2 multi some.

Syronicus3331d ago

It just that now it is even more valuable with the recent price drop and with that in mind, it is time to see the PS3 kill the 360 in terms of lifetime sales. We all knew it would and now it is coming to fruition.

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Sunny_D3332d ago

I'm seeing less news about doomed!! ps3 and more news like this. However, the 360 is getting vice versa.

CryWolf3332d ago

Well yea alot of people have finally realizes that 360 wasn't reinventing the gaming industry like PS1 and PS2 did or still doing.

Cold 20003332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Nah its simply a cycle.

The same thing happened in 2008.

The roles are going to be swopped once again in a couple of months. Probabably by fall 2010.

Dragun6193332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

@Cold 2000

I disagree, I think PS3 will continue to pick up while Xbox360 begins to slow down.
Especially since PS3's Lineup for 2010 is well diverse that it will attract different gamers alike. I mean there's a game for each genre next year coming out for the PS3, the Possibility for both casual and adult audience to pick up a PS3 is pretty high.

To name a few, ModNation Racers, Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles, God of War 3, The Last Guardian, etc. It Doesn't simply limits itself to just shooting games. Not say that shooting games don't attract but doesn't one get tired of fps/tps once in a while?

Dark_Vendetta3332d ago

It doesnt matter if you reinvent something, it's all about games. Xbox (1) reinvented the online part for consoles (yeah I know there where consoles before the Xbox with online support), but still failed. First 360 had games you wouldn't want to miss as a gamer, and the Ps3 had always the news of bad ports --> Ps3 doomed. Sony lowered the price, more gamers found out that Ps3 had good games, and Sony pumped out some must haves on top (especially Uncharted 2, if you don't have it yet, get it, NOW) --> Ps3 awesome again.
It will be all about great exclusives this generation IMO, and thats how new buyer will judge. Seriously if you have the money, get both consoles!

sikbeta3332d ago

"I'm seeing less news about doomed!!"

No one can spin the truth forever

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Saaking3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

PS3, the REAL gamer's console. I think even the bots realize, the end of the failbox is at hand. Next gen don't start till Sony says so.

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