Windows sales 'please' Microsoft

BBC writes: "Microsoft has said it is "pleased" with the "strong consumer demand" for its new Windows 7 operating system."

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reintype3280d ago

Remember this is MS. Maybe you should have asked for the Shipped Numbers, I bet you'll get an answer ASAP.

Elven63280d ago

Ordering my copy today, I qualify for the student discount! :)

What version are people using, I'm mixed between Home Premium and Professional.

Microsoft makes some really nice OS's, I just hate their different SKU's!

KionicWarlord2223280d ago

I love it...i am impressed .

Darkeyes3280d ago

From what I have used, 7 seems solid. I don't know, but the OS has a Mac kind robust feel and it doesn't hog resources like Vista. The only problem as mentioned are the different SKUs and that is the thing I love in Macs One SKU only, be it a business man wanting the best softwares or a student looking for basic needs, everyone should be on par IMO.

Anyways, it's better than Vista which is all I care.

Gago3280d ago

hellz yeah

me too, and only $30

SantistaUSA3280d ago

Got the professional version for $100, did a fresh install in 30 min, working without any problems since 10/23. So far I am really happy with it.

Intel Q6700
4GB of Ram
Nvidia 8800GT 512MB

The_Count3280d ago

I'm on my old XP Computer. Getting a Laptop in a month or two what are the benefits of Windows 7 what version should I be looking at.

ThanatosDMC3280d ago

How much for the student discount? I wonder if my campus has them...

Karum3280d ago

Go for Professional, there's no reason not to get a more complete version of the OS for the same price as Home Premium.

Elven63280d ago

I ordered the professional edition along with a backup copy for any extra $13.99 or so, almost done downloading so I should have my copy installed before tonight.

The only problem I'm having is transferring all my save files! :p

ThanatosDMC: I got mine for $39.99 CDN, I don't think their's a catch other than being a student. if you scroll down to the bottom you can find links for your country's offers.

DJ3280d ago

Never go cheap with Windows OS.

spandexxking3280d ago

lol. The title makes it sound like microsoft is a god or something

Elven63280d ago

Just finished installing Windows 7 Profession, 1 word: AMAZING!

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Ron_Burgundy the 2nd3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

lol, it's funny seeing people waiting for a working OS :P

TotalPS3Fanboy3280d ago

Mac users have been using their flawless OS for a while now.

likedamaster3280d ago

"Mac users have been using their flawless OS for a while now that only plays World of Warcraft."


IdleLeeSiuLung3280d ago

That is funny, both XP and Vista has been working for me all these years. Must be user error!

DJ3280d ago

Every minute I'd get a Security prompt, asking me if i'd like to open or download something that I physically clicked. It still let tons of spyware in, which Malwarebytes had to clean up. And a lot of hardware that worked on XP, such as my scanner, printer, and webcam, weren't compatible. Even the Vista driver for my scanner didn't work right.

Oh, and the worst part about Vista. It deleted random files from time to time. Yes, important files. I noticed when iTunes couldn't find random songs on my hard drive. They simply didn't exist anymore. I lost other files too, including some high end CG files and Reason 3.0 song files.

Not only was Vista poorly designed and a resource hog, it was deleting my work. I'm back on XP-64, and haven't run into one of those issues yet. I could try Windows 7, but this works just fine.

In other news, it's funny when people try to talk smack about Mac OS. It's the best OS out there, and pretty much the only one that's literally energy efficient. I'm buying a Macbook Pro in a month, and can't wait to put it to good use.

Gago3280d ago

Macs are just dumbed down PCs

they don't have any problems cuz they can't do anything that a PC can

3280d ago
TotalPS3Fanboy3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

"Windows users have been waiting for their flawed OS for a while now that only plays World of Warcraft for 5 minutes before crashing."


"they don't have any problems cuz they can't do anything that a PC can"

Unfortunately, with Windows, a PC can't even do anything it's suppose to be able to do without crashing.

"That is funny, both XP and Vista has been working for me all these years. Must be user error!"

I thought it was just me too. Then I switch to Mac, and turns out it was just Windows' fault.

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The_Count3280d ago

I would take your bubbles but your In the open zone so I shall spare you.

Ah ah ah

Elven63280d ago

No, Microsoft and Sony are only competing on the console front, everywhere else they're pals, shocker!

chrisulloa3280d ago


Yeah but most fantards forget that.

badkolo3280d ago

windows 7 is much better then mac new os
thats for sure. Not that W7 is perfect but niether is the mac os

DJ3280d ago

It's a working version of Vista, which means stability and increased user-friendliness. But Mac OS is still top dog.

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