Grand Theft pair set to earn millions

ScotlandonSunday writes:

"WO brothers credited with establishing Scotland as a world player in the development of computer games are poised to hit the jackpot.
Sam and Dan Houser, whose Edinburgh-based studio created the highly controversial but phenomenally successful Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, earned millions when their company Rockstar North was bought over by an American rival ten years ago

Now the 30-something brothers, who appeared in Time magazine's "100 most influential people of 2009" list, are attracting renewed interest from the international video games industry.

Take-Two, who originally bought up the Rockstar North games division were targeted by the giant Electronics Arts organisation with a £1.3 billion bid last year.

Despite a seven-month pursuit by EA, the move never materialised but industry analysts are predicting a follow-up bid soon and that's good news for the two Rockstar vice-presidents, whose creative muscle and "game developer talent" EA's chief executive John Riccitiello singled out as his primary interest in clinching any deal."

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UnSelf5151d ago (Edited 5151d ago )

give me GTAV as a ps3 exclusive with these features and you can sell ur co. to anyone you please:

- Takes place in a city (doesnt really matter where)

- the city outskirts have a country/mountain side

- Every type of vehicle ever created is usable

- All vehicles from all the previous versions plus: Reg Cars. Nascars. Indy Cars. Street mod cars. Concept cars. Cars wit Nos. RC cars. Helicopters. Planes. Military Jets. Boats. Jetskis. Waterskis. Foreign cars. A sub. A blimp. A 747. Motocycles. Motorcycles wit Nos. Dirtbikes. ATVs. OffRoad Vechiles. Rally Cars. NPC's on skateboards/rollerblades. Cropdusters. Tractors. Winnapeagos. 18 wheelers. Bullet trains. Cruise ships. tugboats.

- Ability to book flights

- Ability to fill out police reports

- Ability to hire hitmen

- Your cars can get stolen and you can report it

- Ability to shoot a 747 out of the sky

- Sharks and other sealife

- Ability to fish

- No need for phones/internet. You have secretaries who report to you.

- You're no longer always the lackey, soon...you start giving missions also

- Ability to parachute

- Bus stops

- a speedometer

- NPC's can attempt to rob you of your properties and/or belongings

- No hotwiring (i kno this is GTA but force us to find other modes of transportation and make us take better care of the cars we do get)

- Only online is drop in/out co-op ala Crackdown. Dont waste space on TDM's, that space can go towards all these other things

- Ability to dive underwater

- Ability to shower/cook/clean (save points)

- Ability to fall out of windows

- Ability to go in most buildings

- Ability to become FBI's most wanted

- Hair grows if you dont tend to it

- Not all cars have infinite gas, ability to refuel

- Bigger and better explosions (Crackdown has the right idea)

- A tran system (no need to build a full subway)

- Prolonged damaged to iconic areas (destroy a bridge, itll take months/years to repair)

- Apartments throughout the city of your choosing

- Garage spaces

- Better car tracking

- Ability to purchase cars

- Ability to purchase airplanes/copters

- All previous weapons from all iterations

- an innovative Karma system (if u blow up a bridge, you might as well kiss all respect for you goodbye for a while)

cmon rockstar, make us proud

thedisagreefairy5150d ago

that was long

i cant blv i actually read all of it

whitesoxfalife5150d ago

well that sums it all up GTAV but also on 360 plz


Grand Theft Auto 4 Anniversary: The Beginning of the Age of RAGE

Grand Theft Auto 4 is an important game for Rockstar, not least because it was the first title in the franchise to use the newly created RAGE engine.

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franwex214d ago

Wasn’t the Table Tennis game the first to use RAGE?

isarai214d ago

Was about to say the same, but they do say first "in the franchise" so 🤷

cammers1995214d ago

The fact it hasnt been remastered is insane.

Abear21214d ago

Rage engine made driving on the sidewalk in cinematic slow motion camera a blast


Fifteen Years On, 'Grand Theft Auto IV' Is Still the Series’ Best

There’s never a bad time to relive its magic, and with rumours of a potential Grand Theft Auto IV remaster making the rounds, why wouldn’t you?

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Machina217d ago

The series' most overhyped and overrated (especially by critics) more like.

Number1TailzFan217d ago

Not sure tbh.. I'd say 3 was the most overrated. It's pretty rough to go back to, it was quite rough even trying it just after Vice City. Lack of humour and vehicles that had the weight of polystyrene with top speeds to match.

VC & the stories games (even LCS) were all fun. I remember there being a lot of praise for GTA 3 on TV and in game mags, saying it was a Dreamcast killer of a game or words to that effect, and honestly after playing it on PC I didn't think it was that special and kind of dull, had the odd moment of fun but hardly anything. I heard they cut online multiplayer at the last moment for PC, shame because it could've made all the difference.

Would've loved to have seen what kind of cartoony GTA style game they could've done on Dreamcast as a competitor, I bet something along the lines of Simpsons Hit & Run would've worked well.

BlackTar187216d ago

@numberz How can the game that defined a generation and was copied by everyone be overrated? Was a asinine comment

seanpitt23216d ago

For me 4 was better than 5 was more realistic and the physics was on another level! 5 was a major let down in that department!

Number1TailzFan216d ago

@blacktar you have your opinion i have mine. I found the game dull, and it is for the most part. It set the foundation for the much superior SA and VC however.

KwietStorm_BLM216d ago

You say GTA III is overrated because it's rough to go back to and rough to play after Vice City. Your entire opinion is in hindsight. Of course it's rough going back to it today. It came out over 20 years ago. That doesn't take away from the fact that it pioneered a lot and was a paradigm shift for a lot of trends in game development today. Vice City in a lot of ways is just a more refined version of III. It was San Andreas that took the big leap forward from a design perspective. If III doesn't release, who knows if the open world genre would be what it is now. How can that be overrated?

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1nsomniac216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Not at all. My most played game of all time. Truly stunning accomplishment in gaming and with PC graphics mods it just took it to levels beyond anything that came before and possibly even after.

People who moan about it generally tend to be people who played it on under powered consoles and couldn’t handle the more realistic car physics. It was the slightly more realistic approach that made it stand out more. Absolutely love it. In fact I always said Vice city was my favourite of all time. But after going back to the remaster I realised 4 was actually the best.

Profchaos216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

I'm no critic and I consider it the best games in the franchise after recently replaying every entry it's story when paired in conjunction with it's DLC was and still is amazing.

shinoff2183216d ago

Lol. Fun fact. That dlc cost a certain green colored console 50 million for exclusiveness. Un heard of back then. Just to point out the hypocrisy of the 3rd party exclusive agenda going on.

Anyway how the dlc better then the base game by a mile. Lol imo

DigitallyAfflicted215d ago

I've enjoyed gta4 the most from all the others too.

DarXyde216d ago

San Andreas holds a special place in my heart. Honestly, I couldn't get into IV at all. Didn't even finish it. I had some pride in playing it at first because I'm originally a New Yorker, but it just didn't do it for me.

To each their own.

shinoff2183216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Gta sa for sure. To this day my favorite. My least fav is gta 4 easily. Gta 4 made me feel like the dude in next friday trying to take the cd back talking about i cant get jiggy wit this.

Maybe looking back it would be 3 but 3 did so damn much for gaming in general. . My first gta was of course the top downs so the series has came a long way.

notachance215d ago

Yeah I remembered falling asleep playing the last mission in GTA4.. the most boring protagonist (out of all the voiced protag), and the town is too small.

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-Foxtrot217d ago

Not really



Liberty City despite being a reimagined version for the HD era lacked any variety

Lacked the GTA fun charm overall

Niko was bland compared to past protagonists like Tommy, CJ or Victor

blackblades216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

GTA 2 was the best, lol my only owned GTA game. Vice city was alright when I rented it back then. I cant really say which is the best cause those the only 2 games i played but GTA 2 was fun on PC back in the day. Closes game to it that I enjoyed was SR3 and I dont care what people say. That none serious tone was fun enjoyable.

banger88217d ago

Like hell it is. San Andreas was far better, much more fun and a better game overall.

isarai217d ago

Nah, it's a masterpiece in attention to detail and the amount of immersive systems at play. But it really isn't very fun, ESPECIALLY when compared to the previous games in the series. Like tons of things are just wonky and actively kneecap lots of experimentation, or is just lame. Like why do I take huge damage when falling into water, why can I only stand in very specific large trucks when they are moving but not smaller trucks and vehicles, why is the melee combat such a massive down grade from GTA SA and GTA IV, why is the euphoria nowhere near as reactive, why is being drunk using a rasterized animation of staggering rather than the far more entertaining euphoria GTAIV and RDR used when you were drunk, why do npc vehicles barely react to you popping there tires even at high speed, etc etc.

I've always loved playing around in GTA games world. Like the campaigns are great but the majority of my time was always spent just playing in the open world. Yet GTAV is the only game in the series I never really returned to after beating it, it just lacks that fun factor the others have, I spent more time in GTA SA remastered than GTAV

chicken_in_the_corn216d ago

It's one of my least favourite GTA games. It's clunky, the ai is exploitable, it's far too long and the writing is absolutely awful.