TimeShift Reborn: Competing in the Post-Unreal Engine 3 World

A look at the game's stunning new visuals. Before and after shots included.

IGN: With PCs now leapfrogging the 360 in terms of processing prowess, how different do you think the PC version will look compared to 360 by the time the game is out?

Kyle Peschel: Leapfrogging? Apparently your PC boots windows much faster then my dual core machine. The PC game will do its best to eat up all the juice your top o' the line machine can offer, we are truly pushing these DX9 video cards to the limits. Our shaders are about as advanced as they come. However, I have far too many personal friends who don't own a PC that can take down a power grid. The team wants to make the game awesome looking on a wide range of machines so you don't have to break the bank to play. As for how far beyond the 360? I will need a few more months to know for sure, but we're not leaving anything on the table.

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ben hates you4751d ago

the 360 and 9.6ghz tri(3.2each) core or are we talking about FLOPS?

romaink4751d ago

this interviewer already has his bias against the 360 processor it seems.
"PCs now leapfrogging the 360..?" Wow!
He killed the story with that question.

Jay da 2KBalla4751d ago

You are exactly right and whats even funnier is that was a playstation editor who said that. I wonder what will he say when the 360 version looks and plays better than the ps3 version as all simultaneously released multiplatform games do. Who will be leapfrogging who then?