New Final Fantasy XIII Screens Sure Are Pretty have released a batch of gorgeous new Final Fantasy XIII screenshots featuring the new characters, the battle system and some of the beautiful locations in the game.
While we saw many of these scenes in the Tokyo Game Show trailer, it's nice to see the detail that has gone into everything. It looks like FFXIII is shaping up to be an amazing experience!

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dgroundwater3283d ago

Ooo. I'd use them as wallpapers if they were at a higher res. That and if there weren't big tags in the corners either.

Sazh looks pretty boss with his summon standing behind him.

Grimm103283d ago

^^ Thanks, really appreciate all the effort =)

You missed this one btw.

The location looks so nice and the detail they have put in designing them is great. I know Hamazu will provide excellent music as a backdrop to these locations. He did so with X and one of the reasons XII was lacking in the music department was because he wasn't the composer!

GameGambits3283d ago

I'm digging this new character. She kind of has that Lulu vibe to her. Idk if that was a staff weapon or a polearm she was using. If it was a staff it seems like she'd be a blackmage type of character, but if it's a polearm she's a lancer like Freya from FF9.

Either way it's great to see another character added to the roster. :)

rockleex3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

EVERYONE has slender bodies. No one has any unique physical attributes to their appearance.

The main characters don't stand out because they all have the same body shapes.

For example, in FFX. Auron was the 40 year old kickass guy. Kimari was a beast, literally. Tidus was the weak looking boy. Lulu was all about the curves. Rikku was the skinny little teenage girl. Etc.

Really. As of right now, I can't tell which character I'm most likely looking forward to playing as because they all look the same.

stb3283d ago

tha picture of that gul, turn me on, love that kind of glance. would really break that.

pixelsword3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

...It's a rule: no fatties allowed in games or sci-fi EVAR!

Danja3283d ago

The graphics looks ok... not great just Okay im a little disappointed but the game looks to be similar to FF12 i really hope im wrong though but either I will be buying this when it launches cant wait ...

Ravage273282d ago

FF13 looks good no doubt, but with such a long dev time and an unmatched budget size, it is to be expected.(I expected more actually.)

Maybe it is because they took too long to release this game, it would have the 'FFX-effect' had it launched a year after the PS3, but right now, the FF series no longer set any benchmarks when it comes to graphics.

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blacksniper3283d ago

Man I cant wait till this comes out. It fells like forever since they announced it.

WIIIS13283d ago

Graphics on this game look set to blow away all others.

leeger3283d ago

Yes, the graphics of this game will surely blow away all other 360 games!
(just can't help myself lol)

swiftshot933283d ago

This is one of the best looking games of this generation.

Natsu X FairyTail3283d ago

AFro dude is the black guy

Wave Cap dude is the Badass

The Lead Girl is the CLoud


moe843283d ago

Pretty indeed.

Time to buy a ps3 this next spring!

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The story is too old to be commented.