Debate: The Changing Face of the PS3

GWN writers debate the finer points of the ever changing situation for Sony's next-gen console.

An 80GB model has just been announced for Korea. The 20GB model has been dropped entirely, and there are rumors of all sorts of other changes in the works, including the addition of vibration back into the controller.

GWN asked their team of writers, "Where do you see the PS3 going from here? How can it catch up to the Wii and Xbox 360, and does it have any answer for the hit titles coming out on the other consoles?"

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StrboyM4588d ago

to read what people think, especially when they aren't just being fanboy biased. I enjoyed all the points made and think that most realize that no matter what, every company has and idea and will try to play it to their game plan no matter what. Me personally i am a ps3 fan and will stick by the company because i believe in their "its a marathon not a sprint" philosophy. in the end we all just want to play games though

Alvadr4587d ago (Edited 4587d ago )

Thanks for that, it was a good read but there was nothing in there that we havent already heard before.

FirstknighT4587d ago

Sounds like Sony needs to get organised. After just 6 months and it looks like they're confused on what direction they want to take. Doesn't look good for sony.