Why the Exclusive is on Death's Door

Gameplayer has taken a look at the current state of the console exclusive game and details the reasons behind the current fall in the number of console specific games. It also looks at their slow demise in the past generation and also predicts what needs to happen in the future to bring them back from the brink of extinction.

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shortyNZ4168d ago

yeah uhhh microsoft has lotsa exclusives! and i dont think that will change

gotta love microsoft game studios!

SlappingOysters4168d ago

I don't think it was referring to 1st party titles so much

marionz4168d ago

no matter what way you want to look at it, MS publishes alot of games like gears of war and project gotham, then they have ther own inhouse developers like rare lionhead and bungie
and then they still get great exclusive games like mass effect bioshock crackdown elveon overlord too human and flatout
the game lineup for the 360 is verry healthy

and thats just the tip of the iceberg

SlappingOysters4168d ago

second party, first party what's the diference
and some of the other games you quoted are X360 and PC. Not exclusive

predator4168d ago

^^idiot, you wont find them on a machine thats not ms or needs ms software to run, and also a pc is not a console, so its a 360 console exclusive, learn what it means mate

Adriokor4168d ago

PC is not a MS platform, deal with it.

predator4168d ago

no but you need windows to play it, guess whos that ms, so can only play it on 360 or game for WINDOWS, idiots around here

SlappingOysters4167d ago

idiot? you're the one who supports Man U

Anyway, I think it is stupid to say that a game is an exclusive if it turns up on PC as well - that is two formats that the game is spread over and earning money from. Not to mentioned that many games are ported the other way nowadays (C & C 3 for example). And what about all the PC games that have come the other way over the last few years (Half-Life 2, quake IV, Far Cry, Enemy Territoy, UT2007) - the PC is in the game and playing a role in the market.

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Papacharinonanadan4168d ago

It's interesting that the high cost of developing games forces publishers to go multiformat. I'd tend to think there's more weight to this argument than the suggestion that publishers would wilfully drop the PS3 as a format if it doesn't sell above 100K units for three consecutive months. I mean, why would they cut their prospective market and risk offending Sony when - let's face it - the PS3 still has the potential to make a come-back?

Xbot_Killer4168d ago

by this time next year it wont be the PS3 who is in trouble.
Ps3 graphics has always looked better than the 360, only idiotic MS fanboys tell you different. If the 360 had anything on the PS3 they woulda never rolled out the Elite. Before the kiddies start flaming me just remember that it was the dumb monkeys at microsoft that said "HDMI is not necessary" only to do a 180 a few months after the PS3 started dropping jaws with its clearly superior graphics.

also spare me the talk about games running better on the 360, if that happens to be the case then blame the developer who is lost when it comes to the PS3 architecture. Sony should be praised for offering an alternative programming technique to Microsoft's "bloatware" mentality.

Silver3604168d ago

lose the anger it isn't healthy

Babylonian4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

Exlusives will be less and less in the future. Only a few games will be exlusive by third party. You will see more multi from third party (and maybe only multi from third party next generation)

The only exlusives will mainly come from first and second party. And it will be interesting to see how these titles will turn out to be.

As sad as it sounds for some people, it's only for the best. We get to play more games and companies will be able to make more money. The only thing I don't want to happen is that multiplatform games will be half baked crap games, as publishers only focuse on making the most profits. Let's hope that won't happen

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