Icrontic: Shattered Horizon Creator says "PCs are rapidly leaving consoles behind"

Futuremark's Jukka Mäkinen recently stated that the graphical capabilities of PCs have surpassed consoles, which explains the relatively high system requirements for their upcoming zero-g FPS "Shattered Horizon".

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UPSLynx3278d ago

Well crap, with DX11 does this surprise anyone? Consoles are playing catchup now. Until they can work the capabilities of DX11 (especially hardware tesselation) they won't even come close to this upcoming volley of PC games.

Pandamobile3277d ago

Catchup? They're not even in the race any more.

I hope there will be more DX10/11 exclusive games on the way. I don't know a single person who doesn't have a DX10 card at the moment.