Halo 3 includes 3D skies

Last year a Bungie employee stated they have a new way in creating there skies in Halo 3, after you view this video from the Halo 3 Beta, you will be surprised.

It actually changes color depending on how high you go up in the air, Bungie also added cloud layers, simply astounding stuff Bungie added in Halo 3.

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nice_cuppa4752d ago

i would love some banshee vs long sword air battles !


just think what could be ........

closedxxx4752d ago

It's not "amazing" or "astounding". If you played JUST CAUSE at all (and probably very briefly if you did because the game had NO substance) you may have notice that it had some VERY nice volumetric clouds, and atmosphere layers. It was actually very cool to fly a helicopter or jet to maximum altitude, then free fall for minutes, just passing through clouds and watching the atmospheric haze dissipate as you approached the ground.
If JUST CAUSE did it with ease, I'm not going to go praising Bungie for putting it in a game that is supposed to be the XBOX360's flagship title this year.

gta_cb4752d ago

this is cool. and i am deff gonna try it out.

unleash bass4752d ago

is this not a waste of processing power?

I mean how much notice do you actually take of these distant object like the sky, when running around full speed shooting the crap out of anything that moves?

Not much I think, they just need to create the illusion of sky. I think they'd be better off putting this amount of detail where it's needed.

The BS Police4752d ago

Both Halo 1 and Halo 2 have been rushed, they were amde in around 12 months each over a three year period, in Halo 3 they have had a lrger team and three years to amke the game, so this gave Bungie alot more time to make the game and add extra detail and polish to the final game.

Anything that makes Halo 3's environments much more real and fun to explore is pretty much welcome.

_insane_cobra4752d ago

Like the video says, think about potential it has for the single player campaign. What if they manage to make a seamless transition from space battles to air battles to ground combat? I can definitely imagine some spectacular uses for that technology.

Alvadr4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

Touches like this are always welcome in games.... Its what seperates them from the rest to make them just that but more special.

I loved the lighting effects through the trees in Halo 1. Id never seen that before and thought it was very cool.

dalectrics4752d ago

...The stars visible only behind the second layer? That was meant to be seen if you can get up there. Do we think there could be some form of space to atmosphere transfer in the game - we've been promised landscapes of 'epic' proportions, what better than to have a battle in the stars and fly a pelican back down into the atmosphere to a land full of enemies?! We've already seen the pelican in the Beta code!

Now that would be Epic .

Anything's possible - let's just dream for a bit.

eques judicii4752d ago

wow, they weren't lying when they said draw distances of over 10 miles. This really explains a lot about the graphics and how epic halo 3 will be

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The story is too old to be commented.