The Xbox Boys - Xbox Live Music Video

Four guys sing their ode to the big green. They also have a "Gears of War" song on their website...for one dollar. Don't tell me I didn't warn you. Take the jump.

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nice_cuppa4166d ago

oh my god that was the most cringingly god awful pile of sad excuse for what passes for humans i have ever seen !

"dude we look like ass, cant sing or play music and suck at song writing"

"i know dude !"

"what will we do ? who has lots of money ?"

"microsoft !"

"and what hasn't got a song ?!

" xbox live ?!

"and ???"

" xbox 360 ?

"yes ! man they got to buy our song ........right "


shortyNZ4166d ago

im looking at kingofps3 and robots thats true fanboyism

kewlkat0074166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

Agree..pathetic , whats going on with this site? Look at the peeps who approved this....makes me wonder

Video game music is one of my passions, any other geeks on here like Original Soundtracks and OC remiXes?

Good site

Mr Murda4166d ago

Seeing these kind of "stories" is what makes this site great. User based contributions brings some of this crap to light. Approve all of these kind of links, and let me be the one who decides what I want to view. If I wanted to be on an uptight site that doesnt' have a sense of humor, then I'd be on IGN right now.

FCOLitsjustagame4166d ago

Well I didnt actually watch it because I have never been a big fan of the Jackazz movies... So maybe someone can just tell me how this actually qualifies as "news".

Bathyj4166d ago

But seriously, jesus some of you people are uptight.

How does this qualify as news? You're right it doesn't. But you can see its a 40 degree story, you could have quite easily have skipped it since your time is so valueable. Its just a few morons having some fun.

You remember fun right? You act like an un news worthy story is taking up space on your server, not leaving room for your big scoop.

FCOLitsjustagame4166d ago

I remember fun. I also remember the test I had to take to be a contributor to this site. But I guess that was just a loose guideline that the "special" people dont have to follow.

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The story is too old to be commented.