Top Ten Best Videogame Facial Hair

VGC drops another weekly top ten list, this time "a list of the best lip and chin hair in gaming history!"

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Duke_Silver3284d ago

good thing Ares made the list

Xbox Avatars Shoe3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Snake has a Tom Selleck-esque mustache.


Notice the similarity in both facial structure and hair (minus the Mii character)

Timesplitter143284d ago

Anyone else find it hard to believe that Ganondorf wakes up every morning to trim his beard, because he cares about his appearance?

Saaking3284d ago

hahaha, yea, in your dreams bot.

Pandamobile3284d ago

I'm a huge Splinter Cell fan and even I don't agree with that.

Sunny_D3284d ago

Snake leaves Sam Fisher for... the fishes!

reintype3284d ago

In terms of facial hair:

Sam Fisher is a complete hobo, whereas Snake brought the Sexy back!

TheTeam063284d ago

Snake makes Sam look like a toddler in his secret agent/detective phase.

DreamcastFanboy3284d ago

Sam Fisher looks kinda like a pedo.

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kaveti66163284d ago

Wow, is this what it's come down to? Facial hair? I guess people CAN run out of ideas for top ten lists.

bitboi3284d ago

it seems no matter what subject the top ten is, it'll always get to the front page here on n4g lol. Someone needs to make a list of the most silliest and stupid video game "top ten" list ever made!

ndibu3284d ago

Things can't be this bad can they?
Who approves these stories?

Timesplitter143284d ago

I wish Old Snake had that bearded design as seen in the left pic in the article

villevalorox3284d ago

haha ahh i find that creepy for some reason lol. btw, i have to agree 'with #1 Ares has sweet hair haha. :) it's like fire :D .. although i thought Kratos had some chin hair that made him more badass lookin? haha idk maybe im just talking out my a$$

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The story is too old to be commented.