New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Screenshots

Playstation University has just uploaded a couple new screenshots of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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drdistracto7073377d ago

I'm not impressed

I will still get the game for sure! But every game looks like Sh*t now that I've played UC2

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table3377d ago

I wouldn't say it looks like sh*t, it still looks pretty good. People are getting spoilt with graphics these days so if a game doesn't look the best it for some reason gets slated. Now, I'm not a fan of the CoD series but I'm getting tired of people pretending that the graphics are the most important aspect of a game. I get the feeling that most people round here never played a ps1 or a nintendo system, if they did they wouldn't cry about these graphics not being the very best.

DK_Kithuni_713377d ago

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to me. Not good enough for me. In fact I liked Call of Duty: World at War better anyway. Not getting this game. Maybe later from the bargain bin.

mustash20033377d ago Show
champ213377d ago

welcome back to MW1.. just with new maps.

this should have been an expansion pack, a 5-6hr SP campaign with new maps is in no way worth 59usd.

imo a map pack shouldnt cost more then 29usd.

Winter47th3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

PS3 owners' expectations were set too high these last couple'a years, can't blame'em, this'll do well on the 360 since it's pretty much the same game but re-skinned, because if ODST's anything to go by, they'd buy anything.

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droid and bot3377d ago

"Grown ups on xbox live"

this is like


mal_tez923377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

There's no reason that it won't be good, but I haven't been that excited for it judging by what I've been seeing. I do know that the multiplayer will be easy again, with simple aiming, shooting and killing; making it accessible to many new players. While still being engaging enough to satisfy hardcore shooters.

The problem with Killzone 2 was that while I enjoyed it a lot more as it was much more immersive with better aiming and shooting, many new players and less hardcore players found it a bit intimidating and hard to get into. Also, weapon damage could have been a bit higher.

While I enjoyed Killzone's gameplay a lot more, I understand why Call of Duty is liked more by people who aren't enthusiasts such as myself, and just want some simple killing.

Hopefully Modern Warfare 2 stretches a bit more into the hardcore side than its predecessor, but at least I know I'll enjoy it.

But still, graphics could be better, but are good enough to enjoy.

4Sh0w3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

This game looks awesome, I own a ps3 and I'm going to be picking up UC2 soon, but I'd put these screens next to any UC2 screens not that they should be compared, but MW2 holds up great compared to any game. Then again it wasnt until I saw Crysis running on a friends super rig that I saw a huge difference in graphics where I could really say it blows console games graphics away, and since then I think the gap has closed slighty with current games, last I checked I had normal vision and alot games graphics on both consoles look great, I dont see much difference, prefernce plays a big part in which is better.

Sarcasm3377d ago

"Modern Warfare 2 is for Grown ups on xbox live. "

Ah I see. So in Xbox Land, grown ups actually have squeaky 12 year old voices. That makes sense.

t8503377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )


forget comparing it to anything else.

compare it to MW1... which is a 2yr old game now.

unless you arent blind.. you wont see much of a difference.

where is the progress activision? we are paying 60usd for this... i want to see progress. why charge so much just for new maps?

Doc Sony3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

...and a map :P

The Creep3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

dont forget this is at 60 fps and uncharted is at 30 fps

NegativeCreepWA3377d ago

A whole only squeaky teenagers play on live is is a load of crap, just as many play on PSN go play some Uncharted online and then tell me otherwise.

raztad3377d ago

Come on guys lets be fair.

Game looks good enough. It's not having a big leap as UC did but I doubt MW fans really care about that. I'm saying this because we had TWO threads about Insomniac games: Resistance and R&c:ACiT, and I think the majority agreed that new installations should satisfy its fans. Thats all that matters.

In my case I preordered (and paid in full) ACiT which has a new storyline, puzzles mechanics but visually is more or less the same ToD. I'm not complaining though. R&C is awesome and ToD looks great enough.

Ausbo3377d ago

Both systems have little kids.
The only difference is mics come with every xbox and very few people on psn have mics

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mikeslemonade3377d ago

Yea the game visually not impressive, but will be fun because this is what everyone is going to be playing this holiday season. If more games were PS3 exclusive these games would look so much better.

DiffusionE3377d ago

You mean, "If more games were PC exclusive, they would look so much better"

But hey, I agree. Exclusive games do look much better than multiplats in whatever platform they are on.

champ213377d ago

graphics are now at a halt due to console limitations.

ps3 might have a little more juice then the 360.. or it might not.. their gpus are very simular in power, hense even if the ps3 did out do the 360 it will be by a small margin, vice versa.

Pc is the only platform which can allow true jump in terms of graphics.

mal_tez923377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Although I disagree with DiffusionE and all PC fanboys when they say things like "no console can ever be as good as a PC ever" or that "PC will always be better than consoles and owning a console is pointless."

While it is true that a PC 'CAN' outperform a console; this is not true for ALL PC's. A high quality gaming computer will be better than a console, but an average PC will be outperformed by consoles. While good PC's will most likely be ahead of consoles, it is ignorant to say that PC gaming in general is better.

All in all, I am having a stupid boring rant because my PC isn't as good as my playstation.

Edit: @below
I do agree with you, but it still annoys me when PC gaming is touted as making consoles obsolete. I said that I know it is better with a good computer, but ignoring consoles just isn't right.

Also, Uncharted 2 is a huge leap graphically over Drake's Fortune; with the Tank, Helicopter, Convoy, Train and chase scenes really showing this upgrade.

Killzone 2, MGS4, and both Uncharted games put my computer to shame, I think am in need of a New graphics card, can you recommend one?
A cheap one preferrably, right now I have a 1GB 4650 that struggles with most games, even at low settings and resolutions.

champ213377d ago

even a midrange pc now outperforms any console multiple times...

whats your point?

consoles just dont have the horse power to enable developers to give a jump in graphics.

while xbox doesnt have any good exclusives so i wont bother commmenting on it.

for the ps3 it is evident games like uncharted 2 doesnt look much better then uncharted 1.

the limited hardware doesnt magically become stronger over the years.. hence we wont see a TRUE jump in graphics till next gen of consoles come out.

it now only takes a 150usd gpu to supercharge a 2yr old pc to out do any console in terms of power, this just shows how much the gpus on the consoles have aged.

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Lord_Ranos3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Cant wait to play this on my PS3.

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Major Kanimo3377d ago

must....boy........cott....... .........I GIVE UP IM BUYING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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