God of War 2 480p vs 1080p

Wondering what the PS2 game God of War 2 would look like if it was put through the PS3's HDMI port to a 1080p screen?

The difference, is quite remarkable when you consider that the improvement comes solely from the PS3's upscaling ability.

For those that don't know, the US version of God of War 2 has a hi-definition mode unlockable by a button combination. It is when this 1080p hi-def mode is unlocked, and the game is run through the PS3 via HDMI, onto a 1080p screen, that you get the increase in quality pictured above.

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soccerstar4752d ago

wow that is a pretty amazing difference

sloth4urluv4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

Im confused, why upscale it? if its being software rendered why not just render the picture at a higher resolution instead of rendering it 480, then upscaling it?

Kinda like how you can render roms at higher resolutions on a computer.

4752d ago
bung tickler4752d ago

... upscaling does not equal better graphics... you cant make something from nothing... they are sd images and anyone running a hd set knows that it looks like poopoo all upscaling does is take a little image and make it bigger with as little distortion as possible... however there is still DISTORTION no matter what... shouldnt sony be more worried about new ps3 games? i mean if some one really wanted to play GoW II and they are one of the few gamers that dont have a ps2 they could go out and buy a slim one for like $100... and odds are if they are playing it on a hdtv it (the tv) could/would do the upscaling itself... no need to spend $600 to play ps2 games in almost-but-really-not-hd.

yes i have posted this 3 times now and i will continue to untill this non-news is no longer posted like 23424329884944 times.

MikeJonesOK4752d ago

I think you are confusing blurriness with smoothness. Shame on you sir. Shame on you.

bung tickler4752d ago

well last time i checked less definition = blur... so yeah... its blurry.

ER1X4752d ago

I'll concede there is some blurriness but if you don't think the 1080 looks better then your blind.

tmax4752d ago

Booo Hooo ! your such a sook.

achira4752d ago

this game looks better than any xbox360 game, so why should i not play it on my ps3 you moron ?

ericnellie4752d ago

Lets see just how stupid you sound - So what you're saying is that an upscaled version of God of War 2 on your PS3 looks better than say...uhhhh, Gears of War? Okay, now you're just being retarded and you obviously don't own a 360 and also did you just turn 13 or 14?? I own both PS3 and a 360 and let me tell you the upscaling on the PS3 is a nice additional but it doesn't make PS2 games look bettter than anything next-gen dumbarse!!!!

gta_cb4752d ago

it isnt just blurry, yeh there is a little blurry in there, but it is better at 1080p.

oh and achira you come out with fanboy comments so yeh you can talk, you "moron"

Bloodmask4752d ago

is right with his definition of upscaling....You guys are all misinformed. If you upscale a low res texture it will always be less yes blurry. They have been using this trick in emulation for years. You can even use it on 16 bit sprites...I don't understand how you can argue with the exact defenition of the word. All it is is a hardware trick. Kind of like the 360s upscaling to 1080p. I don't understand how people condemn the 360 for it but then applaud the PS3 for the exact same thing.....Should I load my flamewarthrower and dare say not true 1080p...kinda funny how the roles can reverse sometimes.....Rediculous

bung tickler4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

at least one person on this site has half a brain... YOU CAN NOT MAKE SOMETHING FROM NOTHING. if you take a SD image and stretch/blur/smooth/distort it to a HD resolution it does not make it an HD quality image. as much as you sony trolls would like to think the PS3 is god that still doesn't change the fact that it cant do the impossible. DEAL WITH IT.

Bloodmask4751d ago

I would like to think I had a whole brain......but since humans use less than 10 % of their brain capacity on average I won't consider at least having half an insult.

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soccerstar4752d ago

still better than what it used to be cuz obviously u dont own a ps3 and know what it used to look like so im not complaining it looks so much better now on my ps3

TheMART4752d ago

Uhm well indeed the edges aren't that sharp anymore, so that's where it did its good part.

But like bloody says: look really close to the rest, it became blurry for real.

You know I am not pro PS3, but I gave my props to God of War 2 and even said everyone should pick up a PS2+this game with the console being so low priced.

So its no flame baith or something like that, really look to the pictures. The edges are softer, but the image really did blur now everywhere, even on the parts on 480p that are sharper...

Overall the picture becomes less 'painfull' to the eye without the rough edges on the PS2

power0919994752d ago

That makes two of us.

I prefer the non-bias Mart.

Although I personally think the upscaling looks better, I know it's not making something out of nothing.

It's a great feature though.

rowdy 14752d ago

did u guys expect it to look like motorstorm or something. It's still a ps2 game. It's no more than that. The upscale did improve the look insome areas, but it also blurred it up a bit. still looks good anyway you slice it. Plus it's awesome to play.

4752d ago
gta_cb4752d ago

why do you lot always seem to ask him this?...

4752d ago
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Sssamba4752d ago

...For that unnecessary comment. It made the picture smoother/blurrier =O yeah, that's what any good upscalers do. Would you rather it just stretch the image out, making the jaggies insanely and painfully noticeable? Or would it be better to attempt to smooth out those jaggies (successfully, in this case) by blurring the image a bit? Which, btw doesn't even look blurry if you'd try this for yourself, as screenshots don't do the game, nor the upscaling justice. This isn't a vector engine, where it completely redraws the image frame by frame after upscaling.

Let the fans have their day in the sun. It's not often good news comes about on the PS3 with all these PS3-bash topics on the rise. Try -thinking- these comments to yourself, or hell open up Notepad and write them to yourself, and delete the file later if you feel the need to vent *cough- an unnecessary amount of times.*

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