Nudity the Cause for Halo 2 Vista Delay

Microsoft reps today told Next-Gen the real reason for the Halo 2 Vista delay: partial nudity.

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soccerstar4167d ago

is cortana the partial nudity or what?

The BS Police4167d ago

There was no partial nudity in Halo 2 on the Xbox, so I wonder what caused this error, lol.

Robotz Rule4167d ago

What's up Bungie?

The original Halo 2 on the Xbox/360 had no nudity.

TrenchaunT4167d ago

Has Masterchief gone streaking?

soccerstar4167d ago

well cortana doesnt have any clothes on but its a holographic image and thats the only thing i could think of. I remember she turned around and it sort of looked like she had a butt lol

Metal Roses4167d ago

what kind of nudity could halo have... cortana? or the other ugly girl dang it i forgot her name.

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