Things Microsoft could do to improve PC gaming with Windows 7

This past Thursday, Microsoft's latest PC operating system, Windows 7, was finally made available to the public via upgrades or new PC's pre-loaded with the OS. Big Download has already talked about what PC gamers should know about Windows 7 and given you a history of Windows PC gaming. They've asked if you should even upgrade to Windows 7 and even given you the opinions of many game developers if they think Windows 7 will boost PC gaming. Now they want to do some speculation and maybe give Microsoft some advice on how they could take the opportunity to improve PC gaming now that they have a fresh new OS to play with.

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mistajeff3981d ago

A "Game Edition" is a fantastic idea.

Sunny_D3981d ago

Have Microsoft abandoned Pc gamers to put their resources on the 360? That's the only reason I can think of Pc gamers hating the 360.

rawrockkillz3981d ago

Get rid of Games for Windows Live and just make a Gamer version of Windows.

kaveti66163981d ago

Stop putting restrictions on PC gaming.

Pandamobile3981d ago

How bout not canceling hugely anticipated PC games like Alan Wake?

evrfighter3981d ago

or mechwarrior :(

though that isn't true anymore but's been way too long

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The story is too old to be commented.