UK Gamers Sound Off On PS3

Sony's marketing tool/blog Three Speech opened up the opinion floodgates on its web site, seeking feedback from European PLAYSTATION 3 owners on their first two months with the system. While the Three Speech team may have kicked it off with great enthusiasm-"Tell us how you're getting on with it! Any surprises that have turned up along the way?!"-its readers were quick to tell them exactly how they felt.

There's plenty of much deserved love for Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall of Man and the PS3 hardware itself, but UK gamers weren't holding back on the criticism. It's the same old story; too expensive, not enough games, the PlayStation Store is a content wasteland. In general, it's fairly civil (until the UK: Resistance readership shows up to make things more interesting) and full of quality feedback that is hopefully taken to heart.

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fenderputty4752d ago

I've had mine since launch and have thought this for a while. It's priced too high and has a lack of game right now.

At least the games part will be fixed in a couple of months.

BTW ... warhawk is the shiznit.

SKUD4752d ago

warhawk is the shizzzzle!. Now back to your regulary schedule flame warz.

fenderputty4752d ago

I haven't had this much fun playing a game in a while. I love the motion control with the warhawks. It's fun as hell moving to gournd combat, to turrets and then taking it to the air. The game looks great too. I LOVE THE RGB thing PS3 just did. It makes every game look much better. Ever color is sharper and deeper. One of the major complaints about PS3 games is that they looked washed out. Not anymore. lol ... I'm totally rambling now. I'm just so stoked. This update and the warhawk beta is making me a VERY happy boy!

Funky Town_TX4752d ago

They knew the cost before they purchased it. They also knew of the games before they got it. Now if it had 1,000 good games on bad one and they then vanished, that would be something to complain about. Juts chill out and wait or keep playing your PS2.

Adriokor4752d ago

but people will always want everything cheaper...too bad that is not possible...most of the times.

level 3604752d ago

True, only the die-hards and the filthy can-affords would buy it. While the smarter ones will wait till Sony brings the price to a more reasonable level along with that brand new chip they'ved been telling us about which is smaller, better and cheaper to produce, finally release more games ( hopefully really really soon... ), bring force feedback on the sixaxis ( also now the matter has benn resolved ), put the 80gb as a standard feature ( same as the Korean version )...etc...

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