Uncharted 2 tops list of best reviewed console exclusives

The reviews are in and Uncharted 2, the 3rd person action-adventure game by Naughty Dog and published by Sony exclusively for its PS3 console has risen to the top of Metacritic to tie Super Mario Galaxy as the best reviewed console exclusive this generation with a score of 97 (calculated from 82 reviews).

Uncharted 2 tops the list of best reviewed console exclusives just weeks after its mid October release, coming in second out of top reviewed games this gen overall only to Rockstar's multiconsole flagship, Grand Theft Auto 4 released last year on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 console. It sits at number one on Metacritic's top games overall this generation with a score of 98.

Sony hopes the excellent reviews will translate into software and hardware sales this holiday seasons as its newly released, and newly priced, PS3 slim console has all but dominated worldwide sales charts since its release in September.

Uncharted 2 joins the list of only a handful of videogames to ever receive such high critical praise and is currently the frontrunner on most publications Game of the Year pick thus far with only 2 months to go, however, many feel that the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 2 two looks as if it may also be a contender.

Following are the only games in the last two console generations that have broken the 95 barrier based on Metacritic scores.

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Sunny_D3307d ago

I freaking HATE the fact that GTA4 has most highest score when it is CLEARLY the most BORING, OVERRATED piece of trash to disgrace the GTA series. Even, if you like it, you should know that GTA does not deserve that spot.

droid and bot3307d ago

you know what really makes me sad

Grand Theft Auto 4 98
Bioshock 96
The Orange Box 96 "

all multiplats
not a single in-house exclusive
i rally like my xbox but i hate the fact that MS only cares about Halo just because it sells

Anon19743307d ago

Don't get me wrong, I liked GTA 4, but Uncharted 2 is hands down the best game I've played in over a year. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a title this much.

In my opinion Uncharted 2 should have that top spot overall for this gen.

chrisnick3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

top 20 metacritic games

2..uncharted 2
12.. kz2 09
16..wipeout hdfury
17..demon souls
18..ratchet tod

what's that....8 exclusives? There are 8 exclusives in the ps3s top 20 metacritic. 5 of them were released in has 1....b4 forza was gears 2....its been a rough year for them, but w/e........UNCHARTED2 WAS PURE EPICNESS it was sooo close to dethroning gta4 too.

table3307d ago

I thought GTA4 was awesome however, I agree that it doesn't deserve the highest rated score on metacritic. There are alot of games out there that are better. I guess the media got sucked in by the hype.

It's going to be interesting what reviewers will think of MW2. Will they get sucked into the hype again and lavish it with praise like with GTA4? or will they have in the back of their minds the GTA4 fiasco and be afraid to hand out top scores?

Noob3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

GTAIV is far from a bad game, it's very good and we all know that, but it's not THAT good. Moreover, it's interesting people are saying the new DLC expansions are better than the actual game, which says a lot considering they scored lower.

I think it's all because of hype, expectation, and anticipation the game built before it was released. People were expecting it to get the highest scores ever, it was like the reviewers were just telling us what we wanted to hear instead of giving it an honest score.

ReviewsArePolitics3307d ago

This one is a lot more accurate. GTAIV is top 10 but not the best. Uncharted 2 has officially toppled Zelda 64 as the best game ever, according to that list.

MazzingerZ3307d ago

And the other 2 top exclusives must be LBP and MGS4 then?

Danja3307d ago

and this games truly deserves all the praise ... GTA4 not so much its a good game but not great ... THE online portion is what kept me playing this game for a few months after abandoning the story....

Uncharted 2 is just an amazing experience and it shouldnt be missed

NewZealander3307d ago

my "best game i ever played" standards keep getting raised, first it was gears of war, then bioshock, then assassins creed, now uncharted 2, this game is epic!

took me 16 hrs to play the first time on hard, i probably spent alot of time sight seeing and treasure hunting:) im now half way through on crushing after not quite 5hrs, pretty easy platinum im thinking...well im not looking forward to that last boss though!

sikbeta3307d ago

Stop with the GTA IV HATE, last year I hate it for being GOTY and not MGS4, but now I don't even care about that, we live the Present and UC2 is the Present and will live long enough to make you forget about other games

Ravage273307d ago

Uncharted 2 currently has a whooping total of 32 perfect reviews on metacritic! That's amazing!

mikeslemonade3306d ago

I consider myself a very critical reviewer and i only consider two games to be 9s which is Bioshock and COD4. Uncharted on my score is a 9.7 and if i can only pick between a 9.5 and a 10 then it's a 10. Super Mario Galaxy doesn't get any higher than an 8 in book. It doesn't do anything more spectacular than Super Mario Sunshine. I had more fun in Super Mario Sunshine atleast there was a gimmick with the water pack.

Modern Warfare 2 shouldn't even be a threat to beating the Uncharted 2's score. MW2 will fall short of what they done in COD4 because the game was unique, the gameplay was real polished, and the graphics compared to any game at the time were way better. MW2 won't change the formula it's going to be essentially the same game with updated features. Just looking at the game it will probably get a 8.5 from me.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3306d ago

Thing is though, reviewers review how "good" a game is, not necessarily how fun. GTA had good gameplay, online etc. Reviwers see games diferently from ordinary gamers in my experience. A lot of reviewers did see this game as the "best" game ever. Large open map, online, choices whcih determine different parts of the story, deep characters etc. Gamers and reviewers have slightly different criteria for their "best" game.

rockleex3306d ago

Gamers and fans of the series were clearly disappointed. While reviewers thought it was the best game ever.

While with Uncharted 2, both gamers AND reviewers feel the same about the game.

otherZinc3306d ago

Look, it will never sell like a top game unless its a pack in. The media can have its favorites all it wants, the consumer has a different view of the quality of Uncharted 2.

Halo 3 & Halo 3 ODST should be rated much higher, period.

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GWAVE3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

MGS4 and Uncharted 2 are the highest-rated console exclusives this gen.

And LBP is tied with the highest-rated 360 exclusive.

Funny how the importance of Metacritic disappeared once the PS3 began to dominate it...

EDIT @ below

Yeah, I think I got LBP and MGS4 reversed. MGS4 has a 94 and LBP has a 95. Thanks.

Sunny_D3307d ago

Um, the highest rated exclusive on the 360 is Halo 3 which has a 94. LBP has a 95.

Nelson M3307d ago

Superlatives left to Describe this Game
It Truly Deserve's its place
As The Best Game of This Generation so Far !!!

MetalGearRising3307d ago

Still doesn't change or prove the fact which is to me and Many Millions Uncharted 2 is a FLOP in sales . With such a massive marketing campaign push just for Uncharted 2 and god knows how much $$$ Sony had to spend knowing very well they won't be making that $$$ back because of poor sales thanks too Uncharted 2 it makes me wonder WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL WITH THIS WONNA BE TOMB RAIDER IMPERSONATOR. Seriously lets just hope no more Uncharted.

Anorexorcist3307d ago

^^^ Please Support A Mother's Right To An Abortion!!!

Would You Want Your Mother, Sister, Aunt, or Friend To Be Known For Sh*ting Something Out As Stupid and as Warped as MetalGearRising?

callahan093307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Massive marketing campaign? I haven't seen a single Uncharted 2 commercial on TV. I don't see it advertised much on gaming websites, either, at least not as much as a lot of other games out now. But I saw 4 commercials for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 today on Comedy Central.

MetalGearRising... wow... just now. Let's hope for no more Uncharted? Seriously? The highest rated game of the year, and by far at that -- in fact, one of the highest rated games ever -- and you say "let's hope for no more" ?

Since when is approximately 1 million sold in a single week considered a FLOP?

You know, the stuff you're saying can't even be chalked up to differing opinions. Quite frankly, sir, you're just WRONG.

ZombieAutopsy3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

MGR is just upset that the game is the highest rated exclusive this gen and its not on Xbox. (well it shares that spot with Super Mario Galaxy but to xbox fanboys Wii games apperently dont count)

SSCOOLCHEA3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Our friend MGR took the time to craft 6 lines of gibberish......He even capitalize what he wanted you to read .

@ below

wrestling been dead since the NWO left...NEW WORLD ORDER N.W.O

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Anon19743307d ago

Bubbles up, Ric. Bubbles up.

Anorexorcist3307d ago

You need to get back to the WWE, because since you left (well not exactly since you left, but more like since 2004 and 2005) the WWE has seriously gone in the freaking toilet and has seriously become the hub for little kids and parent-friendly entertainment!

InLaLaLand3306d ago

What about the jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising, the best in the present, future and past, and if ya'll don't like me you can kiss the people's ass!


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