Haze dev calls for more videogames with mature messages

Critically acclaimed developer Free Radical, creator of TimeSplitters and now the murky future-shooter Haze, believes that next-gen games should push us into new, mature territory, and that devs should be looking "beyond the technology" and instead focus on changing what it means and feels like to play videogames.....

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sephy 9 2 54260d ago

This is hilarious. I like how you guys totally ignored the recent news where the Haze developer said the PS3 is "greatest thing" out there.

Lmfao priceless bias.

Go look it up.

Hayabusa 1174259d ago

I don't know why they're ranting about Halo 3. They don't know what Halo 3's story is: so how can they say it's "teenage" in theme?

"Maybe they'll get the satire and maybe they won't," Yescombe points out, adding "our job is to entertain."

"Our job is to entertain"? Isn't that what Halo 3 is? entertainment?

Anyway, isn't this old news?

deke2k44254d ago

I admire their thoughts but somehow I doubt how well their goal will be reached. I certainly didn't like Halo's story if there ever was any.