Nintendo Wii To Beat PS3,Xbox 360 Because Of Simplicity?

Wii is going to beat the competition because powerful chips and graphics have yet to motivate PS3 and Xbox 360 sales,according to Nintendo Of America's George Harrison.Fun trumps all.

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VirtualGamer4579d ago

They go from under estimating their appeal to now over estimating?

Dr Pepper4579d ago

Hmmmmm...well, people also want games, and I'm not sure if I see a lot of extraodinary ones in the Wii's future. But I could be wrong.

PhinneousD4579d ago

ummm price is the biggest motivator these days.

spacetoilet4579d ago

But times have indeed changed for gamers. And the Wii is just plain $h!t compared to the ps3/360.
They can have the granny market.

Xi4579d ago

people will lose interest, if anything the wii will spur people to buy a new console, to play while the wii collects dust till the next good game.

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The story is too old to be commented.