Nintendo: "Strong games have strong sales"

NintendoDpad writes:
"In a recent interview, executive vice president Cammie Dunaway shared her view on why M-rated titles on Wii are not just possible, but growing."

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Product5388d ago

Not always true, but I do agree that quality titles most of the time outsell crap.

It is refreshing to see Top 10 Wii sales be good titles instead of a year ago when some shovelware would somehow chart high

ico925388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

i couldnt have agree'd more , the 1st mega man, conker bad fur day,no more heroes and madworld those games are million sellers....but then look at wii music,wii play,carnival games weak games that have weak sales.

if you look at the marketing that nintendo puts out for lame games like wii music and wii play games that generally sick then you look at the marketing for no more heroes and mad world .....see the diffrence?

Sarcasm5388d ago

This generation of games is a paradox.

The Wii sells millions and millions of hardware, yet if it doesn't have a Mario tag on it's game, it's not going to sell well.

ReviewsArePolitics5388d ago

Everything she says is meaningless, this is PR bullcrap. I bet she didn't give two sh1ts about Nintendo before working for them, I probably know a lot more about Nintendo right now than she did before getting in, and I probably know a lot more about the video game industry than she does (except for Nintendo, since she actually has access to insider information).

Wii Fit is not strong, it is unique and a novelty, same for everything Wii related. Nintendo is carving its own new niche markets, which is why their products reflect *strong sales*; however, you don't need a strong (good quality) product to make great sales, you need hype, brand name, novelty factor and uniqueness. Once you take uniqueness off of it, sales divide and profit is lost; no novelty makes the industry go down, no brand name forces consumers to either question the product and no hype makes them ignore it.

Metascores, quality, features and engine technology are only a plus once you have everything above. Complexity only appeals to hardcore gamers, and the more you appeal to hardcore gamers the less you appeal to new markets. Also, it's more expensive to appeal to them, and they are also a decreasing segment of the market in some areas of the world, like Japan. Dunaway will never admit that they make crap and that Nintendo is not in this industry to make art or to pursue technological advancement, they are here to make business and, at most, make it fun. They will never strive for maximum artistic quality in videogames, and I'm not talking in audiovisual terms here.

Not saying Sony or Microsoft or other companeis aren't for the money, but some individual devs are here to make their creative vision come true, something Miyamoto has stopped doing long ago.

droid and bot5388d ago

"Nintendo: "Strong games have strong sales""

yah but
not as much as hyped games sells

kws10655387d ago

That's why there are few good games in wii. Only care about sales and make another Poke-mon.

mastiffchild5387d ago

What constitutes "strong" sales? Or even a "strong" game in Cammie's eyes?

This is all very vague and doesn't fill me with the idea she knows very much about anything really. EA with Madden and Fifa's character models(last year Fifa was unrealistic and thos year it's Madden!)doesn't seem to have a clue what gamers on Wii want and they did the same by getting people excited for a Dead Space game(which was admittedly well made and innovative for it's limited genre)then slapping us down by saying the dreaded words "it'll be an enhanced FP experience, a guided FP experience" or, in other words, a rail shooter. Then they didn't promote it like they would a PS360 game either and blame gamers for not buying it.

In fairness to EA their position is fairly common among thrid party devs/pubs on the Wii and, imo, stems directly from the fact Nintendo don't cater for them very well at all. On Live and PSN they can have trailers and demos to get folk into their game ideas but on the Wii where surely the less well informed(in general)audience would benefit most from seeing/playing them, there's just nothing. Had Madworld, Deadly Creatures, NMH and the like been available on Wii Connect somewhere as trailers and demos maybe their sales would be more robust, no?

I think Ninty will have to grasp the nettle over third parties, however, as next year the PS360 line ups look even stroger than this and a sizeavle percentage of the gamers new to the hobby with Wii will start wanting more from their gaming and either move on to PS360 or just drift away altogether if they aren't shown/aren't aware what's available on the Wii apart frm the kind of thing that they first played. Well, I'd have sacked it if I didn't think I was getting anything new or different after a few years of Pac-Man back in the day! We were all casual gamers once and we didn't stay that way for long, did we?

So, as I see it they(Ninty) have to find a way that ensures better sales for the better third party titles on their platfrom as on other platforms they're treated a hell of a lot better and as a result of that(and perhaps PS360 gamers being more avid site searchers and mag readers where gaming's concerned)sell better too. Demos and more trailers has to be the most obvious way of doing this but Cammie's words just look like Nintendo(yet again) are failing to grasp that they need the third party deevs to keep their market share. Thier part of the market is being targetted with the wands and Natal so what are they gonna do about the market PS360 dominates in(the more experienved gamer by and large which is a market bigger than we're led to believe atm but looks smaller split between two consoles and the PC than the casual one does when it's mainly on the Wii)?

It cannot always be about the next new gamer they can appeal to and at some stage they'l;l hjave to set about keeping and educating the gamers they brought to the table with the Wii. If they don't then Sony and MS might well end up(middle to long term)thanking them for providing so many new customers. Now, I think these gamers will;, right now, trust Ninty as they know them so if they were to lose them for the lack of supporting those wanting to release good games on their cnsole it would ve relly sad and I doubt Ninty can fill all the gaps with first party games either.

Nintendo were still paying for their folly in dropping disc for N64 during the GC years-and that was them failing to get what third pary devs wanted or needed at the time too! I hope history doesn't repeat itself and they do not undo all the great comeback work they managed so miraculously-in sales terms if not that much else right now- in saving the company with the Wii.

Thing is these words from Cammie seem to show that they have no intention of helping third parties out here-and the likes of EA are likely to drop their "experiment" with mature Wii titles and Vanillaware(muramasa) are eyeing the larger(for them) market and better support over on PS360. Sega have said they'll suck up the sales for Madworld, Conduit and Overkill and give t all another go but the way it's panning out wth Ninty also refusing to release a good mature game(which is part of a known franchise too so mught wel;l have sold OK)in the west in Fatal Frame4(with great Japanese reviews too, IIRC)it doesn't suggest much of a push from them towards the more demanding gamer.

On top of this even the best "core" Wii games don't compare in meta and quality terms with the best PS360 games right now which doesn't help plus just how many newr Wii gamers will be reading the gaming media? So why would they even know what The Conduit or Extraction were? And the more sales fiailures we see the fewer will get made in the mature(and dear to produce)arena so it's paramount Ninty help get the good games out into their customers minds and so far they just don't seem to want to do this for whatever reason. And they will need to one day with Sony and MS gunning for the casual crowd as well now. Split that new demographic into three piles and it starts to look about the same size as the core gamer numbers do and we're always told how few we really are and that the casuals won this war without even nowing it existed much less caring!

Anyway there's more competition heading Ninty's way and they should be fighting, like MS and Sony for all the gamers they can get-however old or new. If they don't they'll only succeed in bringing other console makers how to lure in the first time gamer while thewatch their customers move on wihout the same numbers coming in to replace them as PS360 now caters dor them as well as the core gamer. They'll stay doing fine for a while but I do worry that they'll wait too long before trying to compete in all areas and might see a fall from grace because they don't want to change anything. They'll really need 3rd party devs and their games at some point(if not now) and have to start looking after them better if they wish to stay ahead of the pack in console sales.

N4g_null5387d ago

I don't understand what you guys are complaining about every thing that sales on the Wii is because it's fun. This whole they should be advancing the medium is silly because that is the PCs job and please don't tell me console are doing this better than PCs because they are not.

Another thing many of you HD gamers buy said perfect games like GTA 4 and trade them in because they are boring and basically high dollar cash ins from publishers. There have been so many perfect games that many hate and are not bored of. There only use was to fuel the console war debate on what console was more powerful and you guys played right into it. I mean madoff(sp) would be proud. It is almost like you guys are defending the system after knowing you are left holding the bag. Yeah maybe you got some good times out of it but really there are so many highly rated games that are just flat out boring on the HD console some times because of game play or lack of it and challenge.

In fact there is so much shovelware on the Wii it is making it hard to trick some one into buying it. Only the best games will get the sales and seriously these developers need to play more of nintendo top sellers to see why they are not selling.

Stuff like this reminds me of bad dudes which was suppose to be so much better than double dragon but double dragon 2 on the NES has to be my favorite to play over and over. Yet bad dudes was better graphically right? Most of you might not even remember than game which explains why you don't understand why Wii games sale.

Most gamers that are hardcore only have the best wii games. We still play these games also.

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Goomba125388d ago

Thought this was pretty apparent than I realized it was the Wii, JK ;)

Goomba125388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

Here's some examples of third parties on Wii and how big names and marketing matter.
compare to

Ghost Squad
compare to

compare to...

wait, are there no third person shooters on Wii besides RE4:Wii?

ReviewsArePolitics5388d ago

@leeger, is that supposed to be the rule, because you're basically proving it's an exception. LMAO @ the self ownage. Nintendo fanboys don't even notice how they own themselves, lulz.

leeger5388d ago

what there are Nintendo fanboys here in N4G?

EvilTwin5387d ago (Edited 5387d ago )


Metal Arms, Beyond Good & Evil, Psychonauts, Shenmue II, Oddworld, Otogi 2, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Thief, JSR Future, Okami...all of these were PS2 or XBox games that got good reviews but weren't huge sellers (Okami ended up selling better with its Wii port, with a smaller install base). You could probably toss Ico in here as well.

People act like there haven't been great games with disappointing sales before. They must have a short memory.

And one thing to consider with Wii games -- they're dirt cheap to make (it's souped up tech from last gen). According to EA, Wii games cost 25% to 33% as much as PS3 or 360 games.

That's how a game like No More Heroes sells less than half a million copies, but still turns a big enough profit for a sequel.

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Abash5388d ago

I think that's insulting to third party developers who make good games on the Wii but get low sales because of the system's audience.

Xander-RKoS5388d ago

I think it's insulting to developers that people are too caught up in this strange devotion to certain consoles that they will knowingly ignore good games for some odd reason.

ozstar5388d ago (Edited 5388d ago )

Its a self defeating attitude. Audiences don't buy Wii games because they, and the media, convince each other that they are not worth it.

Well its crap, they are worth it and your wrong to believe otherwise. Just like EA is wrong to casualise their Wii versions of games, developers who waste time and effort making games too easy, or simplified, simply end up reestablishing the mistaken argument which you try and argue (see Spyborgs for eg.).

Pozzle5387d ago

I think it's insulting to third parties that Cammie would even claim Nintendo are working with third parties to help them take advantage of the Wii.
I don't mean to sound like I'm 'bagging out' Nintendo, but one of the main problems with the Wii (imo) is the lack of third party support. Nintendo buying the rights to third party titles then refusing to publish them outside Japan (Fatal Frame 4 is one that comes to mind), Nintendo approving shovelware on the console while decent games get pushed into the background, Reggie claiming that third parties aren't trying hard enough to make good games for the Wii (despite there being MANY great titles on the console), and so on.

There are many superb third party titles on the Wii, and it certainly isn't all Nintendo's fault that these games don't sell well, but the fact of the matter is: Nintedo aren't working with third parties to take advantage of the Wii. Dare I say, they are doing the complete opposite: Ignoring them. (or - in the case of games like Fatal Frame - ensuring the game fails due to lack of publicity and not publishing it outside Japan).

Omega Zues5388d ago

its because of vice president Cammie Dunaway.

If she had it her way every game would have "Mii" in the title and feature "Press A" to win games.

Nintendo this gen could of been great that actually brought something to gamers. Instead the piles of waggle ware flood the floors.

and yes basically through out the entire intervew she basically gives third party developers the finger.

N4g_null5387d ago

You see this simply is not true. She simply shows off what is going to be the big push. Now IF kojima or some other studios actualy put a sick game out for the Wii they will get a time on stage along with the other nintendo games.

I think the main deference is MS and SONY like to pretend the 3rd parties are actually games made by them. The current hardcore seems to actually believe this simply because they are new to gaming as a business. Or they really are that mindless.

I'm betting if NOA actually operated like NCL does which they actually have nintendo president show up with producers at press events and actually does assume production cost. Yet seriously Wii owners don not give our PR as much respect as the HD guys because guess what PR should not be selling you games. It will always be hyped based.

Another thing imagine what the HD systems would be like with out the PR war or the console war or fanboys on the internet beating their chest on which system is better or getting all grudge out over some one else opinion.