Lawsuit Claims Microsoft Xbox Sparked Fire That Killed Baby

The family of an Illinois infant that died in a house fire has filed a lawsuit claiming that an Xbox video game system manufactured by Microsoft and sold by Wal-Mart Stores overheated and sparked the killer blaze.
According to the suit, the wiring that connected the Xbox 360 to an electrical outlet became so hot that it started a "catastrophic" fire at a house in Warsaw, Ill. The victim, an infant named Wade Kline, perished in the inferno.

"The fire was a direct and proximate result of the overheating of the game's power supply and wiring," claims the lawsuit, which was filed in state Circuit Court in Illinois. Microsoft, Wal-Mart, and an unnamed power-supply maker are named as defendants.

On Wednesday, Wal-Mart filed a procedural motion to move the case from state court to U.S. District Court in Illinois. The suit was originally filed in December 2006.

The lawsuit claims the fatal fire occurred in December 2004, even though the Xbox 360 didn't officially launch until May 2005 -- an indication that the unit involved may actually have been a first-generation Xbox console.

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deepujatt20054753d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

another reason to go with ps3 :-) lolz

sorry for the kid:-(

drtysouf214752d ago

story i in no way condone this immature disrepectful nonsense that some idiots are posting here. Leave that sh!t elsewhere. Someones loved one passed away have some damn respect.

ben hates you4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

but sad news, no lol matter here

The great 14753d ago

PS3 rules, this is just plain scummy of MS to be so cheap, well that's just the MS way huh lol!

FeralPhoenix4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

Whats funny about this? You guys are f-king retards, whether the "xbox" caused it or not its still a very tragic situation.....only f-king morons would use it as some sort of "flame war" debate material. I hope you two f-king losers don't have children and if you do then I wish them well, even if their parents will make that very hard.

[Edit]vvvvv Oh, yeah Perez....I obviously agree with your comments...and reading through the other comments now, its no coincidence that everyone (with some decency) feels the same way.

ReconHope4753d ago

someone died are u guys [email protected]@@@@@ stupid. grow-up. i don't even know how i feel about approving this if u guys are going to make stupid comments like that.

kewlkat0074753d ago

Anything Negative, in whichever fashion about a competitor, just fuels fanboys and somehow make them feel so good and superior about their console of choice..

This is Sad of course...I'm sure these things do go un-notice, similar to the SONY battery issues that arose a year ago, its a good thing nobody was really hurt with that. Hey this world is not perfect, if anything is possible then Sh!t will happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.