Rockstar Store In the PlayStation Store

Today at the PlayStation Store, Sony secretly revealed the latest addition to their store. The new section in the PlayStation Store is called "Rockstar Store".

Ninji5379d ago

Sounds like they're giving them their own section in the store so they can put their GTA4 DLC there.

Skyreno5379d ago

Love it finally they join in lol .... well hope we get too see more , on what they bring in store

Darkstorn5379d ago

It's probably for some incoming Agent trailers. Just a thought.

Blaze9295379d ago

YES PLEASE. I so want them to do a San Andreas Stories.

RememberThe3575379d ago

SA is one of my favorite games ever. A masterpiece.

Britney Spears5379d ago

getting ready for adding the 2 expansions next year.

Ravage275379d ago

but i wonder if anyone is still interested... :/

Mindboggle5379d ago

Of course people are interested. Just because your probably not, and the hordes of fanboys who hated GTAIV because it went to 360 are not, doesnt mean there isnt people who want the dlc on PSN.

DanSolo5379d ago

I can honestly say I have zero interest in the DLC for GTA4. The graphics and the storyline were vastly improved in the game but everything else was pretty crap. I don't know anyone of my friends who played the game that thought it was a particularly good game.
I have still yet to get around to completing the single player and that never takes me that long, I just can't be bothered. I want to, I try to, but I just end up kind of saying... meh

The next GTA they make they need to re-work the gameplay to make it genuinely good. The gameplay in GTA3, Vice, San Andreas was clunky, but it was still fun despite being below par. In GTA4 it was still clunky, although it looked better, but it lacked the fun factor of the earlier games. The graphics and story telling is fine, just get the gameplay up to a high standard and it will be all good.

Rockstar need to design the next game to have a smooth and enjoyable control system. For example; compare GTA4 multiplayer and Uncharted 2 multiplayer. They are both online components adapted from single player 3rd person games, but GTA4 just felt pretty crap and well below par compared to other online games. Whereas Uncharted's online multiplayer is alot of fun.
They need to consider the fact of how well the gameplay holds up to other games if they just take say, 10-20 people and stick them on a map for a deathmatch. If it's not as well done and enjoyable as the competition then they have got it wrong.

On a positive Rockstar note though, I'm really looking forward to Red Dead Redemption, I think that will be what GTA4 should have been.

Ravage275379d ago

do you even know the true reason why everyone 'hates' gta4? Out of interest, have you played San Andreas?

soljah5379d ago

seems to me that this all but confirms that ps3 will be getting all the gt4 dlc.

RememberThe3575379d ago

Truer words, my friend. San Andreas is still the best in the series.

sikbeta5378d ago

that's not make any sense, nobody hate GTA IV for being multiplat and I thought GTA games always were multiplat

BLuKhaos5378d ago

Mindboggle is right about one thing and that is that just because you guys have no interest in GTA4 DLC, doesn't mean other people aren't interested.I want the DLC.The Episodes of Liberty City DLC is the only reason why I would get a 360.

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Bathyj5379d ago

When is Australia going to get all this stuff. We still dont have all the PSOne classics the US gets.

dkblackhawk505379d ago

That sucks big time...why don't you try making a usa account and try downloading the PS One Classics?

Bathyj5379d ago

Wouldnt you need an America Credit card or something. I have US and Japan accounts but I ony get free stuff like demos. Things like the video store aren't even available when you loggin from somewhere else.

dkblackhawk505379d ago

The video thing isn't available in Canada either :(. Did you try buying PSN Cards? Or do they not sell those in Australia?