Do Video Games Cost Too Much?

Europe-Nintendo writes "This past year I have noticed something that has begun to bother me constantly when on the look out for new games to play.
My problem with modern games is the pricing both long term and short term."

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Saaking5084d ago

Yes they do. I could buy a PS3 for what 5 games cost. Only AAAA PS3 exclusives should be 60 bucks all the rest should be 40-50 bucks.

kunit22c5084d ago

and thats why I love pawn shops.

sunil5084d ago

i would love it if games where $45

poindat5084d ago

Sure it would be nice if the prices were generally lower, but it's how long that they stay at those high ($50 +) prices that really bother me. Take COD4 for example: A 2 year old game that STILL costs $50 for the GOTY Edition.

What utter BS.

Nihilism5084d ago (Edited 5084d ago )

video game budget for a triple A game = $20-30 million.

Game's sold at $50 a piece, said game will sell over 2 million copies
(i'm underestimating for the sake of the example)

That's 100 million - production cost/manufacturing cost etc.

If we were to compare it to a AAA movie:

movie production cost of pirates of the caribbean movies/batman/terminator/trans formers etc

they all cost around $300 million to make, and GROSSED 800million to 1 billion. That's less profit as a %, plus the movie industry spents a ridiculous amount on advertising and the gross takings of a film are the value of the ticket sales ( and a larger % of that would go into maintaining the theatres etc than the % of the gross game industry cost as it's straight to stores)

So the game industry has a much greater turn around, games should be the price of a blu ray, if they were they would sell a **** load more as well, instead of choosing between game's A and B, they would just buy A,B and game C for the same price, can't go wrong...but of course with lovely chaps like bobby k in charge of pricing we would never see that happen

Genesis55084d ago (Edited 5084d ago )

Most AAA games I will buy on day one at full price. I know the developer has spent the time and money to make a good game. Filler games or bad ports just start in the bargain bin it's the only way you'll end up in my games library.

Though I did like $59.99 better than $69.99 for most of the new games.

yesah5083d ago

of course consumers will want games cheaper, but the fact is that the gaming industry is far less popular then say the movie industry whose dvds and blu rays you can get for 20-30. If as many people played games as they watched movies im sure the price would go down.

Darkstorn5083d ago

I hate going into pawn shops because they're such intensely sad places. Everything in there is a product of poverty, disease, or foreclosure, and I can't stand it.
As for the topic, they do need to find a way to make $60 games come down in price. Developers should be getting a considerably larger share of the wealth, and the publishers should stop taking 60% cuts of the profits. Just halving the publishers' would bring games down $10 or $20 each. That would be well worth it, especially in a recession.

ChozenWoan5083d ago

What the gaming industry needs is to return to The Three Tier Pricing chart.

Tier 1 ($50): AAA games such as UC2, KZ2, Demon's Souls
Tier 2 ($40): AA Games such as Prince of Persia, HAWX, Mirrors Edge
Tier 2 ($30): A Games such as "all movie based games!!!"

This would greatly help the sales of new IPs as they would not have to prove that they are worth just as much money than well established franchises. Also, $10s may not seem like much of a difference between $50 and $60, but it's a world of difference in a consumers mind. For some reason its as if we go into a store thinking to ourselves that we have $100 max to spend on gaming at one time. With games at $50 we know we can get two games with that $100 or just 1 $60 game, so we spend less on gaming than we would if they where just $10 cheaper.

This would explain why more gamers this generation have been purchasing used games. They have decided that instead of buying 1 game on Day 1, if they just wait a few weeks or months and they can get them for <$50. This is giving them that 2+ games for $100 deal that they are looking for. Plus they get a chance to get unbiased reviews from thousands of real gamers who already played the game, this helps them avoid the "Overhype" and invest in quality games.

Too bad that it appears that games are only going to get more expensive from this generation on. I just hope they don't fully return to their peak cartridge prices. I still remember when some rpgs used to cost $80-$100 USDs.

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mal_tez925084d ago

Especially here in Australia where games reatil from $90 to $110 AUD. This is the USD equivalent of $83 to $101, a lot more than what people pay in the US.

ZombieAutopsy5084d ago (Edited 5084d ago )

Yea i always feel bad for Aussies you guys have the worst censorship in gaming history, you pay almost twice what we in the U.S. pay and you usually have to wait longer to get games, but at least from what i hear your country is beautiful.

Nihilism5084d ago (Edited 5084d ago )

i cancelled my EB pre-order for mass effect 2 and dragon age when i found out that they were $30 cheaper at game ( online price)

Dragon age:

EB= $129 collectors ED

GAME online= $99

Mass Effect 2:

EB= $109

GAME online= $89

:D and to think i used to get all my games from EB or JB hi fi ( although JB can be ok, they had dead space for $30 a while ago...GAME has it for $89 still, that's instore though, never go to a retailer GAME store, they only have one price: full price

skatezero2465084d ago

in alot of cases yes but games like uncharted 2 I would be happy to spend 60 for def. the best game this gen for (me)

only using uncharted 2 as an example theres a few games on both ps3 and 360 that I think are worth 60

villevalorox5084d ago

I would say it depends on the game. Something like GTA, Splinter Cell, MGS, Uncharted, Killzone, oblivion, Demon's souls and all them games that really give u bang for ur buck is worth $60 to me. But when you get something like Bionic Commando, Dark Sector, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, Beowulf and all them games that just don't even try to be amazing is only worth about 40 to me if that.. So it all depends on the game if you ask me. I woudl have bought demon's souls and uncharted 2 for $75 is i really had to, then again I would not buy 50 cents game for no more than $20..

jcgamer5084d ago

all games ARE NOT created equal...lol...and they should be priced accordingly...i'm not paying $60 bucks for a game I KNOW will pale in comparison to top shelf games like MGS, Gran Turismo, GTA series, Uncharted, etc...Cooking Mama should be $FREE.99

lol :)

Uncharted 2 all day ;)

kaveti66165083d ago

Who decides which game is worth 60 bucks and which game is not worth it? I know the answer. The consumer decides that it is worth it when they pay for it. That's how business works. Every generation, the price of games goes up 10 bucks, and the analysts wait to see if the gamers will bite, and they do. They buy the games just the same, and so the consumers have already decided that the game is worth 60 bucks prior to playing it. After playing the game, the opinions change. People may have paid 65 bucks for Grand Theft Auto 4 thinking that it was certainly worth the price because it was going to provide them hundreds of hours of enjoyment as well as the fact that it is an iteration of one of the best franchises of the video game industry.

But afterwards, that gamer may have hated the game, and decided that it was not worth its initial MSRP price, and now thinks that he knows which games are worth 60 and which are worth 50. It's really quite stupid, because as soon as you paid 65 bucks to play the game you were letting the game industry know that it was okay for them to raise the price from the last generation. And the price may go up again next generation, and people will b!tch about it temporarily and then give in and buy the games, thus letting the industry know yet again, that after a little bit of convincing, we're always happy to bend over and let them take us for all we have. That's business 101.