Hidden images in the cinematic trailer of Starcraft 2

Hardwired, Hungary's most popular gaming site, reveals the hidden images in the cinematic trailer of Starcraft 2. The images -- that were found by AzteC, one of their readers -- show the Blizzard team (possibly celebrating some Starcraft related event). The images can be seen by frame stepping the trailer at 0:02 and at 0:12. On the last picture you can see Dustin Browder, the lead designer of Starcraft 2.

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M_Prime4584d ago

lol.. if i was on the DEV team i woulda proposed the same thing.. i mean this will be the game everyone is waiting for, well everyone in Korea.. though i'm pretty excited about it.. i sometimes still jump on B.NET with my copy of SC.. which i got of my friend and use his CD KEY since he doesn't anymore but everyone that still plays is way too good for me..

Leathersoup4584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

For some reason the frame refresh of the movie is halfway across the screen but the "hidden picture" is not distorted in anyway.
I'm guessing someone took pictures of their buddies reflected in a TV screen while the Blizzard movie was playing on the screen.

I've been known to be wrong before though ;)

TrenchaunT4584d ago

Nope, it's definitely in there! I checked! wow! lol. It's so obvious, too, it's crazy how easily I missed that before. I just opened Winamp and pressed ctrl+J as it was playing, put in 0:02 and it flickers really fast every time.

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