MS needs to act now on hardware failures - or risk losing consumer support. writes in its weekly newsletter that Microsoft must address its hardware reliability and customer service or "risk handing the goodwill of the market back to its rivals."

"This problem hasn't gone away; in fact, from a consumer point of view, Microsoft appears to have done precisely nothing to address it. While the attention of the media may have turned to scrutiny of Sony's failings, the vast numbers of Xbox 360 owners who have been let down first by Microsoft's shoddy manufacturing, and subsequently by the company's arrogant and unfair policies with regard to customer service, have increased. Their voices are contributing to a groundswell of unrest and negative buzz which will hurt Microsoft very badly indeed if it is not addressed."

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nice_cuppa4584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

mines launch and going strong !
same as my wii and ps3 !

i know 1 guy in real life that has had a problem and do you know what happened ?

thats right he got a new system for free !

there you go !

Sean142334584d ago

I agree with you too, I bought a launch console and it did die on me after 10 months, I got a it replaced no problem, All hardware has a failure rate, what counts is the service to get it replaced or repaired. No complaints from me.

Short_E4584d ago

sony fanboys get a freakin life

the problems only started when you guys started makeing up fake statistics and voteing on stupid web polls

oh the rush of power you pathetic little trolls must feel every time you get the chance to post a story with a picture of the red lights ohhh you finally feel like a man aye!

either way my 360 is great! thanks for asking! and so the other six friends i know with the console, not one single problem

if you sony fans want to continually troll for anything you can find to downplay the 360 thats sweet az, but try something new!
its all hate because you know the ps3 cant keep up, with its jaggy bleached out look and lack of true gameing power, im glad your ps2 games look good on it though, i mean ya gotta have something to play while all the good games come to xbox and you get the scraps

keep watchin those bluray movies and trolling for BS news guys, i guess it gives you somthing to do while you wait for metal gear!

power of Green 4584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

I'm sure MS's working on it. I agree MS should work on it. #1 yep more Blah blah blah. we'll be hearing about it for the rest of the 360's life span despite if theres a problem or not. Every little problem will cause stories of the lauch days to resurface. Its the only tool the other side has. Red flashing light post will show up on the net soon enough.

Did i missunderstand #3's post you went through 6 360's?, thats your life style breaking the console bub. Has the 360 even been out long enough for owners to have a console break 6 times?.

I think "some" 360's are way too sensitive to heat, dust & smoke as i'v seen proof with broken 360's in games shops when places in inclosed boxs with dust on them, all the shops in my area have tooken them out and they're fine. If you got 5-6 broken 360's you're doing something to break them, 360's not a Xbox or a PS2. As long as you keep it cool and keep your house Smoke and dust free, it wont break.


they lost me all ready

6. 360 failures

nice_cuppa4584d ago

if this is true what the hell have you been doing with your systems ???

ben hates you4584d ago

from all of your other posts you've had seemed to of never bought a 360 now i know you a sony fanboy do i believe you....... probley not

dominusbellum4584d ago

no way have you gone though 6 and i have 5 immediate friends and myself all have 360's and haven't had a single problem on it i even leave mine on thoughout the night cuz i fall asleep watching movies idk why i don't just use my ps2 i just don't well either way i find it incredibly hard to beleive you went through six i gotta call b.s.

Robotz Rule4584d ago

Mine's been healthy since launch:)

Don't know what's going on or what went on with other's 360's?

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The story is too old to be commented.