Dante - Debut Gameplay in Devil May Cry 4

The demon-slaying legend himself finally shows off some of his incredible moves.

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nice_cuppa4753d ago

lol..... im getting it for 360 !
achievements !

mattkelly19914752d ago

I'm getting it for ps3. TROPHIES!

JIN KAZAMA4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

I thini capcom made a big mistake to make this a multi. It really pissed off the PS3 fans, because they feel like capcom sold out on them. I was never into this game to begin with, but the decision of chagning this to multi, will probably come back and kick them in the balls.

MySwordisHeavenly: I do agree with you about xbox360. The sytem is whack, and its just a poor mans PS3. With that said, I just never got into DMC. I dont know if its better than ninja Gaiden, and GOW, come on you can forget about that. GOW is just at a differnt level, that game is amazing. I'll give DMC a chance, hopefully there will be a demo.

MySwordIsHeavenly4753d ago

THAT'S DMC1 music there, baby!!!

I miss that stuff!

Jin Kazama. I normally agree with you, but how are you not into this series??? It's the best action series ever created. Better than Ninja Gaiden and better than God of War. DMC3 is the least repetitive action game I've ever played...and it has a storyline that people CARE ABOUT!!!

I don't think Capcom has made a mistake...I just don't want the 360 getting another good franchise because they have the money.

Bottom line here:

MS has money to buy anything they want...and, in this case, sell a console that should be failing due to lack of features or originality...

I say, F&CK the 360 and Microsoft. Gaming is about enjoying yourself and finding new ways to escape the world. They've only contributed to the demise of what gaming used to be...

silent ninja4753d ago

i think it was sony's fault not having enough install base

about it being the best action it depends who u ask what u personally prefer. each has its own depths of fighting

AbyssGravelord4752d ago

Origionality??? more like the PoS3 is copying the 360 Sony said online for consoles isn't important but after they Saw Xbox live they thought different and are trying to copy it. And Features the 360 has incredible features unlike the WHACK PoS3...

mattkelly19914752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

"i think it was sony's fault not having enough install base

about it being the best action it depends who u ask what u personally prefer. each has its own depths of fighting "

True, but isn't lack of exclusives why Sony is getting cut down on install base. Its a big Catch 22.

Sony cant have a big install base unless they have good exclusives.
Sony cant have good exclusives becuase they dont have a big install base.

Big Catch22 that is the fault of lose of faith.

MADGameR4752d ago

But who made a console first, MS or SONY? THANK YOU! Who really cares about your opinion? PS3 and 360 are good systems! They are next gen system. If 360 was the only next gen console to exist, it would be boring. So let SONY be SONY let MS be MS. We are gamers. You reveal yourself as an ignorant fanboy. Why complain about the PS3 if u hate the PS3? It does'nt make any sense. Now this gameplay video of DMC4 looks nice. I'm going to get it for PC while all the fanboys kill eachother over which one looks better visually. Video games are video games. We are in war and fanboyism is pathetic.

The_Firestarter4752d ago

This looks really good and all.....but, I'm just disappointed Capcom didn't put a lot of time into Dante. He's practically using the EXACT same animations as DMC3. They couldn't at least spend SOME time making new animations for Dante? I don't care for "new moves," but new animations would be better. Just saying, that's all.

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