Deejay vs. Juri - Super Street Fighter IV NYC Event Video

DualShockers Writes:

"We had the opportunity to attend the Capcom event last night here in NYC to get a view of the two newest characters scheduled to hit the upcoming Super Street FIghter IV game. Although I was like 8 people back from the screen it does help that I am 6 foot 4 and could still take some video over everyone's heads. Watch as the Capcom folks uncover DeeJay in Super Street Fighter IV and take him through his paces against Juri. Justin Wong is actually playing this match (not really a match as it was training mode) and had great things to say about DeeJay. Also listen to the chatter in the background, some of it is pretty funny. What do you think about DeeJay?"

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taz80804479d ago

DeeJay and Juri might be the best two characters in that game

taz80804479d ago

Super duper extra special edition, soon they are going to run out of room int heir titles.

iiprotocolii4479d ago

Sounds like a Chinese food special.

iiprotocolii4479d ago

I used to love punching that smile off of Dee-Jay's face. He used to piss me off so much when he'd whip me and laugh. By the way, a little off topic, I don't know too many Jamaicans that laugh that much... and I know tons.

BROOKLYN N-M-E4478d ago

I used to always hate ppl that picked Deejay back in the day!

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