Saving Sony's PS3

The PS3 had a rough start, but things are beginning to look good this year as Sony has announced over 15 exclusive titles for the system by years end. On top of that their Home online service is gearing up to what could be a revolution in online interactivity.

"When Kutaragi was designing the PlayStation 3, his biggest failing was that he (unlike Microsoft) did not seem to understand the importance of a robust and compelling online service to the 21st-century gamer. The version of the PlayStation Network that made its debut alongside the PS3 felt clunky, tacked-on and a far cry from Microsoft's sleek, powerful Xbox Live service.

Sony, however, has an ace in the hole, called Home, a three-dimensional virtual world that will be available later this year to online PS3 users. Home functions as a meeting space and customizable virtual identity, sort of like Second Life meets MySpace."

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rusgreim4762d ago

"Sony sold just 82,000 PlayStation 3s in the United States last month, fewer than half the number of Xbox 360s sold by Microsoft (174,000) and less than a quarter of the number of Wii consoles sold by Nintendo (360,000)."


THE_JUDGE4762d ago

Good Luck? The PS3 doesn't need it. That was one months sales. Let's wait until the holidays for the next couple years come and pass. This whole next gen thing hasn't even began to heat up. Please save the negativity, go back to the space Navy.

fenderputty4762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

that you not only want to see your console succeed but, you want to see the opposition totally fail. I may love my PS3. I may be biased towards my PS3. However, I've never wished failure upon MS and the 360. To me, it makes my system better. I know Sony has been busting their arsses lately trying to get things up to par. Home and a free online service are all here this gen due to the xbox. Even your 360 has done the same with the introduction of the Elites since its predecessors lacked things the PS3 had. Parallels can be made both ways for all systems.

Either way ... games are coming and will soon be here. Great online service is already here and is getting better in a few months. The PS3 is getting updated constantly. Sony is updating the store constantly. Things are shapping up weather your little fanboy ass can take it or not.

I'm not threatened by Halo. Infact, I LOVE HALO. There's game on the 360 that look great. I'm glad you're all happy with your system. Why is it you don't uderstand that I and many other are happy with ours. Funny thing to is that, over 3 million systems have been sold at a HIGH price point with little to no games. What's going to happen when both of those negatives are fixed?

MySwordIsHeavenly4762d ago

Dream on my friend!

The PS3 has sold more units in a smaller time-frame than the 360...I'd say this competition is OVER!!!

Home, U:DF, Haze, MGS4 (if not timed), FFXIII, FFVXIII, LBP, and the Eye will kill your graphical upgrade that you call a brand new console!

Saint Sony4762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

Yeah, because everyone thought it would be great from the start. What is media thinking of it now? Why are devs going all multiplatform or exclusive to PC/ 360? Where are all the games announced over a year ago? Why all the games get delayed? Why has the sales dropped after launch? Why? Why? and Why? If PS3 is so superior and the winner, why is it not doing any better now?.. oh forgot, we have to wait and see. *sighs*

BrotherSic4761d ago

why do people believe the PS3 has sold mre than the 360 during the first 6 months? this has been widely reported that in NA the 360 sold 1.5 million compared to the PS3 which sold 1.2 million

I imagine its very close if you combine all the regions

naturalgamer4761d ago

so true. you're taking the words out of my mouth. i'm in germany and the ps3 is just 2 months out so i really don't understand what some peoples problem is...

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LSDARBY4762d ago

God, stop with the "SAVE THE PS3" news. We get that its too expensive we get that it needs new games. These are obvious problems that take time. People arent buying it because its got no awsome games and is too high a price. FFS people, give it up.

Nearly every one of these articles start with "The PS3 has had a rough start" FFS, give it a rest.

xg-ei8ht4762d ago

Totally agree with you LSDARBY.

1)Price Point.
2)Not enough games.
3)Old news.
4)even older news
5)I'm bored

What is it, 3.6 million sold in 6months, and its how can sony save the ps3,lmao.

And thats without hardly decent titles.

PS360WII4762d ago

You do realize that these systems are going to be around for at least 5 years right? It's only been 1 year for a system. 2 of them haven't even crossed the 1 year mark. Nothing needs saving right now, what we could use is for 4 years to pass to then see what needs saving and what doesn't, but I'm pretty sure time machines only are in fanasy worlds still... hmm someone really needs to make one of those some day

PS360WII4762d ago

okay so I see someone disagreed. So am I wrong? Do time machines really exsit!

Hanseo4762d ago

why these all these titles saying save the ps3

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