Analyst: PS3 Price Cut May Be Too Little, Too Late

Sony is caught between a rock and a hard place. If they don't cut the PS3 price significantly they may not drive sales, but if they do drop price, profitability becomes an issue. Bank of America analyst Mike Savner believes a price drop may not be enough, and that the success of the Wii could actually hurt publishers. More within...

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rusgreim4587d ago

... so delicious.

Exactly what I've been saying, you can't further cut the price on a product you are already taking a bloodbath on.

They need titles and licensing fees to buoy their losses on the hardware. With the attach rate so low, this is a battle that Sony can't fight this way forever.

Amplifier4587d ago

I placed my bets, now let your money do the talking!


THE_JUDGE4587d ago

He's an idiot for even mentioning it. The cost of manufacturing the PS3 has been dropping since he PS3 came out. As for the comment on the PS3 attach rate, that has been rising over the last few months. The system has been selling low right now but I'm sure with the line up this fall and V.O.D on the way, it has a bright future. He should do some more research before he talks, like read up on N4G! ;)

Apocalypse Shadow4587d ago

he "estimates" sony loses $200 per one knows how much it costs sony to produce the ps3.

the same talk was spewed about psp.some said it cost $500 dollars to buy.

but it turned out that psp launched at $249 in america.but really didn't cost that came with so many things including spiderman umd that the system obviously wasn't $249.over and over people speculate not knowing.

sony may be losing $200 or not.but no one has proven what it costs because they're not at the factory.

they speculated about ps1-sony sells 100+ million

they speculated about ps2-sony sells 110+ million

they speculated about psp-sony sells 25+ million.

analysts need to just shut up and wait.

sajj3164587d ago

My job is work with analysts in the hedge fund space (software side). Some of them cover tech stocks that span the entertainment sector. Some of them know alot about this industry. Others are just plain out of the loop. Of the 3 consoles only the Wii has been profitable since day one. Ultimately its the console with the best support that wins.

The PS3 will be fine.

Covenant4587d ago

The three of the four lead articles on this website are about "saving" the PS3.

Just an observation. I notice things like that. I'd also notice if the top articles were negative views of the 360.

sajj3164587d ago

When the PS3 just finished showing its goood at Gamer's Day, released firmware 1.80, probably rumble inclusion by years end, probably releasing 80GB model in the US, Haze is lead platform .... that all this FUD is being thrown around (long sentence ... )

pilotpistolpete4587d ago

Ok, I'm gonna curb the next "analyst" who gives his worthless opinion.

Its been less than 6 months since the release! Enough with this crap. If your gonna predict the future, tell me the winning lottery numbers. Until you can, shut the hell up!

Analyst are the same people who thought the Dreamcast was gonna win over the ps2, and even the same who thought radio would never catch on. " Who would want to send a message to no one specific" I believe was the opinion at the time.

Rockstar4587d ago

PS3 has sold more units in the first 6 months than the 360 did without any kind of competition, save for the PS2.

Time will be the deciding factor.

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The story is too old to be commented.